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located in Camp Athens, a part of Camp Athens: The Second Year, one of the many universes on RPG.

Camp Athens

A training camp for Demigods.


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Character Portrait: Wesley Preston Character Portrait: Trinity Wallace
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xxxxxxxx T R I N I T Y xx W A L L A C E
xxxxxx Daughter of Ares | Outfit | #461f4b


Wes's nervous though adorable rambling brought a smile to her face though she could be the same. “It’s fine, it’s fine. We’re good. And we’re going to be good for a while,” she assured proudly and confidently for once. “No matter whose clothes go where. I'll chuck some of mine at your cabin and you can chuck some at mine.”

One would assume a peaceful trip from the hall to the cabins. Not much could go wrong after all and they were in a good place with their relationship. But then... a hand reached out and Wes jumped up and span abruptly, Trinity whirling around just as face coming to face a brunette. "What the hell!?"

And if her suspicions weren't enough, the stranger just confirmed it shamelessly for herself. "Sorry, handsome. Just enjoying fine craftsmanship."

“Wanna run that by me again!?” Trinity stepped forward

As quick as all was said and moved, Rae was playing diffuser right away. "Apologies, you two. Blair is new, and I will kindly remind her that we operate on the woman code here at Camp Athens. We don't touch other people's significant others. I'm sure it will be the end of that."

She liked the red head for some reason and she wanted to believe in this girl code, but regrettably it wasn't up to Rae to enforce. Trinity stood there with her jaw and fist clenched because, taken or not, it was a bold and dumb move. Why did people have to be beaten to make a point? "It's simply the Aphrodite pheromones making her do crazy things. She doesn't have the fierce and beautiful Wes-Repellent yet." Flattery, really? "You two have a lovely evening. Okay?" With a smile and gentle pat on her shoulder, the daughter of Artemis seemed to think that was case closed and all was well.

Trinity crossed her arms. She got Aphrodite pheromones were a thing, that was like a fraction of a point but unless the girl was sixteen and new to hormones, grow a filter. As an adult, if it drove someone that coo-coo, go get laid or find an outlet.“Right.” Trinity spun on her heels to Rae's back before she disappeared in the hall. “Rae. Kindly suggest she take those crazy uncontrollable hormones and take them out on eligible bachelor like...” she looked around for the closest exhibit. “Duke or someone. Or literally... fuck yourself.” Not Rae fuck herself obviously but Blair. She doubted the red head would pass it on but it was slightly therapeutic. A little curse and venom at the handsy woman was the least she could do.

But even when the hall door swung closed, Trinity stood staring it. Wes wouldn't be pleased if she pursued a fight and it probably wouldn't do the Ares siblings any favors if the new girl lost a hand and there’d be many witnesses. Trinity huffed out running a hand through her hair tightly showing remarkable restraint. “What a dog. Those pheromones will be the death of me. In the sanity department anyway.”

And that was that. She'd dust her hands and continue to the a perfect world. Instead, it stewed and didn't sit right. She could try to make light out of it with Wes, look at his charming handsome face and body but it didn't sate the unsettled beast within. A finger poked up. “You know what, no. Excuse me.”

Trinity reached the door in a few determined strides, nearly yanked the door off its hinges, locating Blair straight away then looked around for inspiration and found a knife left on a table nearby. Same as Eve. Trinity clutched it and hurled the dull utensil towards the new girl with speed and accuracy, hitting that perfect pretty pink little cardigan of hers and the bench behind it at leg height.

Now she was happy. No sooner had that satisfying clunk been heard, Trinity left the hall in a blink of an eye. They'd probably turn to see some swinging doors of a ghost, though it didn't take a detective to figure it was the Wes repellent's doing. Trinity wrapped her arm through Wes's with new chipperness. “Shall we go?” She led the way forward,
nowhere particular at the moment, just forward, for some nice winddown time. Along the path, he'd feel Trinity loosen her grip and drop the reigns for him to lead wherever he wished.

She didn't cause bodily harm, and she didn't intend to, so she was very proud of juggling the rage with not drawing blood. It was a gift. Particularly as a spawn of Ares.