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Snippet #2824254

located in Scarriden, a part of many of horror, one of the many universes on RPG.


Villains are not the most frightening thing in the shadows here.


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Character Portrait: Lucian Mitchell Character Portrait: Erin Monaghan
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Erin Monaghan
Antihero | Isimir | #575772

Erin continued to make her way out of the building, she just had to find the others. As she continued through the various halls and rooms, she came across more and more of those damned glass cages. Kids of all ages were locked away inside, looking as disheveled and mistreated as the next. Her stomach continued to tie itself into knots as she passed the line of cages. Erin would have kept on walking, her way to the exit, until she took one last look into one of the cages. And it made her stop in her tracks. There were children sitting closely to each other, practically clinging to one another in desperation. Literal, god damn children. There were four of them, and Erin could only guess that the eldest one she looked at couldn't have been any older than eight years old. Her blood boiled an unknown rage, the feeling of her eyes welling up with tears was enough to snap her back to reality. These were someone's babies, and they were here. And they reminded Erin of-

Without even taking the time for a second thought, Erin picked up one of the heavy, broken pipes from the side of the wall, and slammed it down into the control panel. And turned on her heels as she did it over, and over, and over again, until all of the control panels of all the cages were broken and destroyed. Watching as the doors to the cages opened slowly.

"This is your one and only chance to get out of here. We're burning this place down. You all get out of here. All the guards have been taken care of." Erin stated as she looked as all the kids slowly rose to their feet, poking their heads out of their used to be confines.

"Are...Are H-hero?" a soft voice spoke, one of the kids finding the bravery to walk out of the cage and over to Erin. Leaving a few feet between them.

There a small moment of pause, before a small smile spread across Erin's face, "Something like that, kiddo." she said with a soft smile. Looking at the others, "There's two others, they're here to help as well. They're...My brothers. If you find them, leave with them. They'll keep you safe." she said, before turning on her heels to leave. Only to stop in her tracks as she felt something grab her hand. Looking down, it was the young child, grabbing her hand, with nothing more than a look, Erin understood. Gripping the child's hand tightly with her's, she looked back to see the others forming a large group behind her.

Erin swallowed hard, before giving a small nod, "Let's get out of here." she said, before turning and led the others from the room.

It hadn't taken very long for them to find the exit of the building. Even with the few remaining guards, Erin was all too easily able to take them out with the few remaining throwing knives she had on her person. Leaving them behind as they continued on. The sudden brightness of the outside world caused Erin to raise her hand to shield her eyes from the sun that shown down from above. It took her a few moments to gather her bearings, looking around as the kids all dispersed in various directions as they were finally free.

Across the way, Erin managed to see a familiar face amongst the chaos. Lucian, was the only thought that went through her mind, before she bolted off into his direction. Even with the sheering pain of the wound on her side, that still appeared to refuse to heal, she ran as fast as she could to him. To safety and freedom-

They were only a few feet apart when Erin heard it, the sound of a gun firing. And everything seemed to come to a standstill. Erin stood in her tracks, before looking down, pressing her hand to her abdomen, before looking back up at Lucian before she fell to her knees on the ground below. She didn't feel it on impact, the sudden inability to breathe finally hit her like a truck, her only guess was that a lung had been punctured by the bullet that got her from the back. She attempted to get to her feet, was fell back down everytime she attempted to get up. Finally feeling herself fall against someone, as her vision began to blur and everything began to drown itself out from all around her. "I...I'm sorry-" she gasped for air between breaths, "I should have done more, I could have...I wanted more time-" Erin knew she was on borrowed time, more than ever before, it was obvious she wasn't going to make it much farther than this. A small smile spread across her face, "But the kids. They...They got out. It...It needs to burn though, Aegis. They...They need to burn for what they did to us...All of us..." was the last she had managed to get out between gasping for air, and choking on her own blood that filled her lungs. The last thing she remembered was staring up at someone, nothing more than a blurry figure, before everything went dark around her...