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located in Weargtooth Mountains, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Weargtooth Mountains

White capped and stretching across the entirety of the north of Ellaria, the climate is arctic. There are many coves and valleys.


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Character Portrait: Livia Caesarius Character Portrait: Argosian Soldier Character Portrait: The Ulfhednar Character Portrait: Sinfrost Character Portrait: Sigurd Hring Character Portrait: Iskjerne Vikings Character Portrait: Dvalinn Character Portrait: Zirkonia Character Portrait: Terakon Luvinair Character Portrait: Khale Fewtale Character Portrait: Ragnar Lothbrok Character Portrait: Iskjerne Ulfhednar
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Livia's eyes narrowed as she watched the encroaching wolves through what few gaps there were in the Testudo. She was thinking deeply, blue eyes seared into the path ahead as she tried to come up with scenarios. She was out of her element here, fighting savage barbarians that were using the land against them. She knew they had time to dig in, to set up their traps, and impinge their advancement. Livia thought long and hard, and something caught her eye.

She surveyed them, and their movements, their gaunt expressions. They were emaciated, and they were starving, she knew the plight of Iskjerne Bay all too well, plagued by drought, famine, and pestilence, the people had resorted to cannibalism according to the Frumentarii she had sent to spy on the settlement. This gave Livia an idea, and so she turned to one of her mule carts, and then to one of the Apothacaries within the Century of men they had brought.

"Strychnos opus est, tota." She remarked and the Apothecary nodded, reaching into his rucksack to produce several vials of powder that was to be used to synthesize medicine for the wounded soldiers. Livia took the vials, and moved within the Testudo to one of their soldiers, using the shields as cover.

"Da mihi cibum tuum cibaria" Livia ordered, and one by one the Soldiers started to understand what she was getting at. They threw down packs of bread, and packs of cured and salted meats, fish, and vegetables. Livia found food that had a bitter quality to mask the taste, and she spread the powder within the porridges and cuts of salted meats that she could get their hands on. They had put everything in a small pile, and Livia nodded in approval, while glancing slightly towards Reginarus.

"Retro domum feramus canes venenosos.." She remarked.

Livia then looked up, and called out into the mist before her.

"þú vinnur. við förum í friði, þiggjum þessa fórn!" She cried out in the closest thing she knew to their language, simple heavily accented words that she had picked up from Reginarus, and words she had been taught by the Taiyou Military.

With a swift gesture of her hands, she signalled for the Testudo to retreat with a simple verbal command.

"Recidere!" She shouted.

"Noli timere, formationem servare, pedem referre." She ordered, and then signalled for them to start taking a step back, slowly, and one step at a time, after a few moments, several packages of the Argosian rations were made apparent as the Argosians retreated further, eventually reaching a distance of about thirty paces away, withdrawing from their position while still maintaining the Testudo formation.

"Nunc expectamus." Livia remarked.