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Snippet #2824279

located in Camp Athens, a part of Camp Athens: The Second Year, one of the many universes on RPG.

Camp Athens

A training camp for Demigods.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Andromeda Bolton Character Portrait: Wesley Preston Character Portrait: Sloane Astor Character Portrait: Trinity Wallace Character Portrait: Mason Hughson Character Portrait: Lochlan Carmichael
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xxxxxxMason Hughson

He was a little more than surprised to have Andy tugs his arms back around her, but at the same time, he was relieved and glad, not that his face showed either emotion. There was a heaviness in the room after expressing himself so openly and honestly while waiting for her own vocal response. Mason knew better than to assume they'd skip off into the sunset and all would be fine and dandy. And it seemed she was quiet for the longest time.

He closed his eyes for a moment, leaning his cheek to her damp hair, embracing her like this for the last time, expecting rejection. Something saying how she loved him too but wasn't ready, not in the same way and nothing could come from it. But just as anxiety turned to agonizing in his head, Andy spoke. "I... I love you too."

Mason's eyes opened again, set on her reflection right away. She looked oddly vulnerable but then again, so did he. And he had heard it before but he was in a haze with other thoughts and too many things going on around him, and she was the same. But with just the two of them now, in silence and with hit differently. It really sunk in. He loved unwillingly, even when he told himself not to and it was requited love at that, for once in what felt like years. He didn't know what to do.

Andy had some idea at least by spinning around to face him. She reached out to cup his cheek and Mason watched her, able to just...let it be. No more fighting feelings or affection. He observed her carefully and blissfully for the first time, letting her close the distance she wished and explore the new side of him. In a way he got a new side of Andy too, something less guarded and sad, and just feel her love and he didn’t have to feel bad about it later.

Mason looked between her chocolate eyes all the while Andy offered a sweet anticipation as she closed the gap more and more until her nose could be felt brushing his cheek and her breath on his lips. But he waited for her, and took in the moment of having her so close and all to himself. Then at last, her lips came to his in a kiss, and Mason naturally reciprocated, taking Andy’s waist in his hands. Although gentle, tender and passionate, and Mason was sure to convey everything he felt for her every time their lips met, he couldn't kiss her forever although it seemed tempting.

He had carried it on for a while, reattaching his lips to her as she allowed. The only thing about if he kept going was that he'd want to take it further and further. And no matter how repressed his feelings had been and how much he thought he owed it to himself, Andy's readiness mattered. Mason was the one that ended up taking her hand and drawing away slowly, placing a kiss on her knuckles. "Sorry." He smiled a little guiltily at her. "I just want to do this right."

He sighed out gently, forcing himself to look anywhere else because she was incredibly attractive and too tempting, Mason wished she knew. But Andy was oblivious to her own appeal, making him smile. And all in all it was embarrassing to have to stop a kiss because he couldn't control himself. "Feels like a long time coming is all." He didn't know if explaining it was making it better or worse or more embarrassing for himself. But he had wanted Andy for a long time. Despite tensions and drama and his own denial.

Mason slid his fingers through hers. "Are you staying in your cabin for the rest of the night?"

xxxxxxLochlan Carmichael

"I didn’t realize I needed to spell it out for you. I thought it was pretty self-explanatory. How about I refresh your memory," Sloane was assertive and firm in her voice and movements. For a second he almost thought he was actually in trouble and could have been in the wrong.

"I walked in on you having sex with someone else. That’s what happened, Lochlan." She said it with venom, pointed and harsh. It was a little take back seeing Sloane wear this new shade of anger and resentment but more to the point, she was crazy.

Lochlan looked her over stunned for a second then gripped his hair. "I didn’t sleep with anyone else during our relationship! There was only you!" He argued, exasperated. His fists clenched in his own hair at how frustrating and mental this girl was. Then again, there’d be no reason for her to make up such a lie…at least there were better lies to give than that. So he indulged her for a second. "Even if you somehow did, I thought it was you." Saying it out loud sounded beyond stupid and like the poorest excuse a person could possibly conjure for cheating. But he got to know Sloane and he knew her body, and he’d only ever been with her. Even blind drunk or drugged-up Lochlan knew that and didn't want to jeopardize anything.

"People warned me about dating a Carmichael, but I didn’t listen. I always thought it was us against the world… I was wrong." While she laughed, Lochlan frowned knowing more and worse were to come. "You destroyed me. I shut down, closed everyone out and was just… a void, for years. I’d rather deal with my brother a thousand times over than go through that pain again. I wanted be as far away from you as possible. I wanted to forget everything about you. I almost did." Who knew words could pack such a punch? Lochlan pressed his tongue to his cheek rocking restlessly, then inhaled deeply and sighed out, looking into the wilderness of camp with this new weight laid out on him, basically being accused of changing a whole person he once loved. He wouldn’t typically care and call it bullshit except it was said from her own mouth.

"And don’t come at me with your hypocrisy," Sloane snapped next, jabbing her finger into his chest. He rubbed a hand over the area. "You never told me you were a demigod either."

"I thought it’d make me a freak," he rebutted. Lochlan surprised himself. Not with honesty but that nasty habit to spout a lie without thinking, and it was the first lie he ever told Sloane. His face changed to a deer caught in headlights. She deserved better, and probably knew better. Not to mention how that one seed of lie gave her reason to doubt his whole credibility and everything else he said. He waved it away dismissively but inside he was apologetic and guilty. He knew how much trust he had to overcome for Sloane and he butchered it…double butchered it now. "Forget that, I….I just didn’t think to. We got so involved I thought it was too late to shed another secret and you’d just think I’m some jacked up, manipulative bastard playing with you." Although looking at her now, that might’ve already been the case.

The puppy nagged at Sloane, Lochlan’s eyes shifting to the cute creature then Sloane knowing this was her great opportunity for escape. And he could let her take it, or press on for more closure. "Are we done?" Her stony exterior said she was.

Lochlan’s jaw clenched. "For now," he said, his own expression and voice turning deadpan.

He replaced his hands in his pockets waiting for Sloane to march away. But with her retreating figure another question sprang to mind. "Who do you come from?" he called. If there was ever a tell sign of what Lochlan planned to do next, he gave it away. Maybe it was her heritage to be a little deluded and angry. He’d have to consult google or Blair when she was done playing naked saint and devil.

"Get help, Sloane!" He called.

He stayed there for a beat or two then once she was out of sight, he sighed out, visibly slumping. "Jeezus," he muttered. Spinning on his heel to face the hall, he spotted a roused kind of couple. Or certainly, the blonde female was. The lion tamer no less, Lochlan recognized. He smirked to himself, perking up. He wished the lion had done with more ripping of her clothes - actually, the whole battle could've done with some modification once the redhead was bare.

Lochlan put himself in range of them, walking by casually and he intended to keep going and just have a look, but that rump looked fine and he clapped a hand back on her butt as he passed.