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located in Weargtooth Mountains, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Weargtooth Mountains

White capped and stretching across the entirety of the north of Ellaria, the climate is arctic. There are many coves and valleys.


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Character Portrait: Livia Caesarius Character Portrait: Argosian Soldier Character Portrait: The Ulfhednar Character Portrait: Sinfrost Character Portrait: Sigurd Hring Character Portrait: Iskjerne Vikings Character Portrait: Dvalinn Character Portrait: Zirkonia Character Portrait: Terakon Luvinair Character Portrait: Khale Fewtale Character Portrait: Ragnar Lothbrok Character Portrait: Iskjerne Ulfhednar
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As the Legata stepped out from behind the wall of shields, dressed in full regalia and holding the Argosian banner, the skittish warriors in tattered wolf-skins stopped gorging on the food dishes in front of them and scuttled backwards away from her, grabbing their spears and seaxes while still seated on the ground, looking up at her from a fairly safe distance.

"Ég geri þetta tilboð bara einu sinni. Haraldur konungur er misheppnaður konungur, hann leiðir þig í fátækt og dauða!" She said after removing her gas mask and planting the flag into the ground in full display before them. The ulfhednar stared blankly up at Livia without moving, as if confused and still attempting to understand her words, despite her speaking clearly enough that Reginarus could overhear her and understand perfectly.

"Vertu með mér, og þú munt verða klæddur og mettur. Fjölskyldur þínar munu vera öruggar og lönd þín munu dafna." She cried out once more, causing the 10 ulfhednar to glance side to side at one another. One of the warriors peered over his shoulder to the dead bodies and incapacitated wolf-shirted Vikings behind him before looking back up at the Argosian leader.

"Þú þarft aðeins að borða af þessari rót og krjúpa fyrir þessum fána." Livia said, offering the small group of sickly survivors a clear ultimatum. "Reyndu mig, og dauðinn mun skjótt koma yfir þig og allt sem þú veist." She assured, but her threats and promises fell on deaf ears as the skinny warriors dropped their food and slowly stood up, one of them spitting his chewed up pork on the ground while another one brushed himself off.

They started to chuckle and laugh, shaking their heads in disbelief. King Harald was not a bad person at all, at least in their eyes. He wasn't responsible for the famine and poverty in Iskjerne Bay, but on the contrary, Harald Fairhair had liberated them from the civilized foreigners and oppressive invaders, and had actually restored Norse paganism and Iskjerne Viking traditions among the people. As far as the ulfhednar were concerned, they were defending their kingdom willingly as freemen, and actually it was Livia and her foreign invaders who were responsible for everything.

"I have idea," one of the ulfhednar said as he wiped the drool from his beard, speaking in the common tongue. "Why don't you go piss a fuck!" He shouted, kicking dirt at the blanket of food on the ground between them. His words were hard to make out, but it was obvious that he was trying to insult her. The other Vikings in the small wolf band laughed for a moment as some of them started howling at the sky again. Soon, more howling noises could be heard echoing over the mountains around them. Somewhere in the rocks and crags, there were still more ulfhednar who hadn't yet been immobilized, and who were still prepared to fight.

Just then, someone else stepped out from behind the shield wall and limped ahead of the troops slowly, standing beside Livia and glaring at the ulfhedinn's before them, using his makeshift wooden crutch to keep himself propped up. Removing the white shawl from around his neck and revealing his braided beard adorned with traditional Viking beard beads, Reginarus gazed at the ulfhednar with cold cruel eyes, the scars on his face and forehead betraying the hardened gaze of a warrior who wasn't messing around.

"I am Ragnar Lothbrok," he said quietly, wincing in pain, but causing some of the ulfhednar in front of him to simmer down and focus on the partially disabled centurion who was addressing them. "Ég er Ragnar Lothbrók, sonur Sigurðar Hringr!" He shouted, this time in their native Norse language, causing all of them to shut up and look at him with mild attentiveness. "Ko lort. Ragnar Lothbrok er død, fortabt på havet." One of the Danish ulfhedinn's remarked. After all, most of the Danish Vikings had already heard of Ragnar Lothbrok's exploits, and everyone believed he had drowned at sea or been captured and executed during one of his raids.

"Jeg var fortabt til søs, ja, fanget og tortureret af kong Aella, det er sandt, hvad du har fået at vide." Reginarus responded back, this time in his own native Danish dialect, causing all of the Viking wolf band to become more attentive. "En ég dó ekki... mér var bjargað, af henni." Reginarus said calmly, pointing to Livia with his sword before pointing his blade towards the ulfhednar. "Hún getur bjargað þér líka, ef þú leyfir henni... En þú verður að bregðast hratt við. Þú hefur borðað eitur... Hún heldur lækningunni... Þitt val." Reginarus said calmly, explaining the situation to them.

"Þetta er bragð. Það er galdur. Sannaðu að þú sért sá sem þú segist vera," one of the wolf-shirted Vikings demanded, urging his fellowmen not to fall for any more tricks. Reginarus nodded quietly, looking over to Livia and glancing back at the shield wall behind them before dropping his crutch and proceeding to remove his armor. Reginarus would remove his breastplate and neck protector, along with his shoulder plates and arm guards, before taking off his shirt and exposing his completely bare upper torso, covered in scars and tattoos that only a Viking could understand.

Upon seeing the scars and Ragnar's very unique personal tattoos, the ulfhednar suddenly dropped their weapons, lifting their hoods back to reveal their own weary faces as they fell to their knees, lowering their heads before him. He put his shirt back on and glanced at Livia again as one of the ulfhedinn's cupped his hands over his mouth and made some kind of animal sound, almost like a wooping noise, calling out to the rest of the wolf clan. Within seconds, dozens of ulfhednar appeared standing on the ridgeline above the passage way, to the left and right, looking down at the Argosian army from up above. There were about 100 of them in all, including the other 10 who stood before them. Every one of them was dressed the same, holding spears or throwing axes and standing casually at attention, wearing wolf-skinned hoods.

Reginarus would glance around at all of the ulfhednar surrounding him, his cold blue eyes reflecting with a bit of joyful admiration at just how many of them there actually were. As he finished putting his armor back on, Reginarus smiled at Livia and leaned over to pick up his crutch, turning around and limping back towards the wall of shields. "Dederunt in... Nunc te audient." Reginarus said, patting Livia on the shoulder gently before returning to his men behind the front line. He had just conquered every single one of their wolf-coated enemies without even putting up a fight.

It was clear that Reginarus would become an important asset to the Argosian Empire during their campaign into Iskjerne Bay, as the partially disabled centurion used his wooden crutch to limp back into position amongst his Argosian comrades, Gnaeus the signifer to his right, Auletes the decanus to his left as the ulfhednar started descending down from the rockface behind the other ten who had been poisoned. The first ten then slowly approached the Legata, leaving their weapons on the ground behind them and kneeling before the flag, looking up at Livia, this time with more respect.