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located in ReVamped In Pieces craft store, a part of ReVamped In Pieces, one of the many universes on RPG.

ReVamped In Pieces craft store



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Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! I smacked the top of my alarm to shut it off. I sat up groggily, rubbing the sleep from my eyes, glancing at the time. 9:03PM. I'd slept through a few minutes of my alarm, but thankfully didn't miss it entirely. I couldn't be late for work...again. I swung my legs over the edge of the bed, stretching before getting to my feet and heading down the hallway of my small apartment to the shower. Cold showers were like ecstasy to me. They awakened my senses post sleep, and they numbed the dull ache in my throat of having gone nearly a week without any blood.

I towel-dried my hair quickly before letting it airdry the rest of the way. Feeling more awake, I made my way back to my room and threw open my closet door. What to wear, what to wear? I thought to myself, flipping through my entirely black closet as if it were a difficult choice. I settled on a black shirt with a lowcut neckline and longer flowing sleeves and a pair of dark grey jeans. I was going to work, but the dresscode was pretty lax and I enjoyed a little extra attention now and then. I went over to my bedside table, opening the drawer and pulling out my fake teeth cap. Just a simple little trick to keep the normies at my job from getting suspicious. It made my top teeth look human enough even if they did look a touch abnormally larger than average. I just didn't want the humans at my stupid retail job to freak out. I knew other supernaturals existed, but this place was crawling with normies and my coworkers were no exception. I slammed the drawer shut before grabbing my phone, keys, and wallet and heading out.


Thankfully it wasn't a long walk from my apartment to Revamped In Pieces, or as our boss told us to call it "R.I.P." for short. Even though it was ridiculous, it was extremely fitting for this weird Halloween-struck city we lived in. As I approached, the cashier in the restaurant next door gave me a quick wave and a smile, which I returned, before I went inside R.I.P. Honestly, everything around here had weird Halloween-based names. Like the restaurant was MoBento Mori and there was the Lovecraft Bar up the road too. I couldn't wrap my head around why these humans were so obsessed with the idea of Halloween, but it honestly kind of made me feel a little more at home.

As I walked through the store I saw the Framing employee, who we referred to as "Van Hellsing," since he was so convinced that the supernatural existed. He was starting me down as per the usual and I just smiled and kept walking. He was a total idiot but harmless enough. Walking into the break room I saw my other coworkers, Demeter and Ambrose.

"Y'all ready for another boring as hell night?" I said, putting my things away in my locker.

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