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Snippet #2825335

located in Granpaix Portespace, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Granpaix Portespace

A pristine air/spaceport with shops and lots to see and buy.


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Character Portrait: Synthe Gridd Character Portrait: Carmen Dellevon
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The sleek private space shuttle painted with giant headphones docked in the private section of Granpaix Portespate - otherwise known as the Granpaix Spaceport. The entire bay was built from carved stone blocks in gleaming white. Columns stretched to the ceiling in the corners of the antechamber leading out of the rounded bay. It was quiet in here aside from the whirrs and clanks of the settling ship.

The label had requested discretion. Synthe was happy to see there wasn't a small party of delegates to greet them. Just an officer in the pale green uniform of the Granpaix law enforcement standing discreetly by the exit.

"Is it just me, or is the gravity more than it was last time?" Synthe commented to her companion. Her lime green jumpsuit was a stark contrast to the person who followed her's was. They looked ready to go diving under the sea.

"Nah, you just hate it here," They responded, giving Synthe a soft elbow in the side.

"Fair," Synthe shrugged back, "A sunrise set to kickoff the tour isn't exactly my favorite, but tradition is tradition."

The two completed their trip down the ramp. Guess it was time to check into...where were they put up again?