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located in Blue Heaven Interior Cavern, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Blue Heaven Interior Cavern

The vast interior of Blue Heaven.


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Character Portrait: Arnheim the Station Monitor Character Portrait: Miiya Aether
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GeneCorp Blue Heaven Branch Office

The GeneCorp office and manufacturing facility in Blue Heaven has changed quite a bit over the centuries the corporation has maintained a presence on the asteroid. The current friendly, polished, carpeted and tastefully-decorated office, dormitory, and living spaces are a far cry from the endless rows of cloning vats, training barracks, chemical tanks, and windowless high-security research laboratories of the original installation. While some laboratory spaces remain, they are now bright sterile places viewable from behind glass on the visitor tour.

The offices of GeneCorp handle some of the day-to-day business of the multi-system corporation. Besides the research laboratories, the rest of the facility is given over to the Genetic Marker program. Sample subjects are brought up from isolated regions of Terra, inducted and trained in the GM program, and either remain on Blue Heaven, or are deployed to satellite offices in other star systems.

To this end, there are well-appointed dormitories, classrooms, dining, exercise, and recreational spaces, for wards of the corporation. GeneCorp GM employees are often inducted as children or youth in order to maximize their useful service period, and they often come from isolated or impoverished backgrounds. GeneCorp provides a secure and supportive youth training environment that meets the needs of all program inductees.

It is not--as some detractors claim--an orbital prison designed to keep unfortunates and orphans as corporate slaves beyond the reach of Terran law.

At least not at first glance.