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located in Blue Heaven Interior Cavern, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Blue Heaven Interior Cavern

The vast interior of Blue Heaven.


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Character Portrait: Arnheim the Station Monitor Character Portrait: Belle LeTroix Character Portrait: Miiya Aether
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"Likewise," Belle replied with her best attempt at a curtsy, recalling the graceful gesture she had observed in old videos during her time at the facility.

She smiled, her first attempt at conveying more intricate communication, and it appeared, at the very least, to have some success. A hint of something stirred in Miiya's eyes, though Belle couldn't quite discern what it was. Had she said something unusual? Then again, everything around her seemed peculiar, yet it held a captivating allure. Everything was new to her: every experience, every interaction. In a way, being one-of-a-kind was liberating; it meant she could adapt to fit into any piece of this life's intricate jigsaw puzzle, or perhaps reshape any piece to fit into hers.

However, what transpired at the old research center still haunted her. She had been nothing more than a subject to them, a curiosity to be probed and examined. Yet, she never harbored any hatred towards them. If she had possessed the means at that time, she would have fought tooth and nail to safeguard their lives, but that choice had been cruelly stripped away from her. In time, she discovered the capacity to grieve, to truly mourn what had transpired.

Miiya's effort to provide comfort was appreciated, yet Belle couldn't help but feel that it was her own responsibility to offer solace. She offered a warm smile, but Belle couldn't shake the feeling that Miiya's gaze held a hint of lingering curiosity or perhaps a perplexing impression of something. She certainly hoped it wasn't anything negative. Miiya's description of her home sounded immediately more inviting than Belle's. Billions of people? The thought was utterly dizzying to imagine, and it piqued her curiosity.

Then, in the midst of their conversation, her new friend presented a thought-provoking possibility: Could Belle's size be causing fear or unease? Belle considered Miiya's suggestion carefully. While it was true that some humans had an affinity for bears, even though they were large predators, she couldn't help but acknowledge the fundamental difference. Those affections were often directed towards bear-themed toys or representations rather than encountering a living, breathing creature like herself. Mulling over the idea, rubbing her chin in a way she saw the researchers do, Belle pondered whether adopting the appearance of a less predatory mammal might alleviate some of the concerns or apprehension she might unintentionally evoke in humans. Certainly, she had contemplated assuming a human form, but the question of safety loomed. She couldn't ignore that humans often responded unpredictably to entities attempting to mimic their appearance and mannerisms. Furthermore, the prospect of taking on a human form presented another challenge: she would be considerably larger than the average human.

"I suppose... something even big wouldn't be... too much," she said, gesturing with her claws and teeth.