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located in Blue Heaven Interior Cavern, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Blue Heaven Interior Cavern

The vast interior of Blue Heaven.


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Character Portrait: Belle LeTroix
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Belle found herself wondering whether Miiya would receive the necessary medical attention for her injuries. In Belle's perspective, Miiya was far too young to stoically endure her pain. Once she was escorted into a rather opulent room, Belle chose to seat herself with quiet dignity on a large chair, almost like royalty, a contrast to her outward appearance. She had noticed the communicator had been quiet for some time, but deduced she had other matters to attend to. For now, she simply waited.

Belle had grown accustomed to this routine. A researcher would arrive shortly, engage in a brief conversation, and then proceed to collect various samples as part of their study. Belle saw no harm in indulging their curiosity about her, as it often provided her with an opportunity to glean answers and insights about her own existence. Moreover, engaging in conversation, even if it was rehearsed or part of a routine, brought a sense of enjoyment. Her ears perked up to the knocks on the door, and seated herself attentively as the human woman entered.

Belle nodded politely, acknowledging Dr. Adler's introduction and her compliment about her fur. She understood that the doctor was likely following a script, but she appreciated the effort to establish a friendly rapport. The mention of her friends from Deep 17 brought a slightly confused reaction, she hadn't actually interacted with them... aside from stealing a ship of theirs. She should probably omit that portion.

"Bonjour, Dr. Adler, I am Belle LeTroix, and I too am- am pleased to meet you, and thank you, you must- must tell me how you do your hair," Belle said, having become rapidly more comfortable with speaking, recalling videos on it from when she was held in the old facility. Unfortunately the speaker had a particular accent that she's also acquired. She then tilted her head, and thought for a moment. "I suppose, though I... I know little about them. Only recently acq- met."

Belle maintained her composed demeanor as the doctor spoke, appreciating the offer of assistance during her stay. She was curious about the doctor's real objective, suspecting it would involve some form of examination or sample collection. And there it was.

When Dr. Adler eventually came to the topic of examining her and collecting samples, Belle simply grinned and tilted her head.

"But of course, faites comme bon vous semble," she said with unbroken composure. "How is- is Miiya doing by the way? Her leg was... was bothering her something awful."