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located in Blue Heaven Interior Cavern, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Blue Heaven Interior Cavern

The vast interior of Blue Heaven.


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GeneCorp Internal Security (GCIS)

Doctor Adler smiled at Bella’s personability, looked momentarily confused by her french phraseology until the translator in her earpiece kicked in, and generally made rote doctor’s-office-style polite small talk while she examined and collected samples from the neoprimordial. Nothing she did was likely to be painful or considered invasive by Bella. Between small talk, she made audible observations about Bella’s physical characteristics.

“Miiya…?” Doctor Adler frowned for a moment, then a look of recognition dawned on her face. “Oh, you mean the intern who brought you here. Wait a minute, I’ll check.” Just as she had while examining Bella, Doctor Adler spoke a query about Miiya’s condition into the air, and this would be the first time it would become obvious that her “observations” had actually been a real-time report to her superiors through unobtrusive recording devices.

The doctor smiled at Bella. ”She is doing well. Her injury was painful but not serious, and she is expected to make a full recovery.” He smile broadened as she listened to a response audible only to her. ”She ate all the snacks. Would you like me to call h--oh…” The Doctor’s smile faltered just a bit as something interrupted her. ”S-speaking of which, is there any form of meal or refreshment we can get you?” She tried to cover her faux pas.

Depending on how fluent, in the common language, and observant Bella was, she might or might not pick up on the fact that Miiya was indisposed. If she asked after the Aeros further, the doctor would try to steer the conversation elsewhere.

Shortly after the doctor had finished taking samples, and scanning Bella with some device of medical obscura, another person entered the room. He was male and of a significantly darker shade than the fair-skinned Adler. “Hello! I’m Themba Cele, head of our travel and hospitality division.” He introduced himself and would bow, wave, or shake hands in greeting, as Bella preferred. “I understand you will be with us for a while, waiting for your friends. We would like to move you to more spacious and comfortable quarters, if that is agreeable to you?” He suggested.

It was not egregarious, but the continuing polite deference shown Bella by GeneCorp employees was a departure from Miiya’s friendly personable demeanor. Politeness born of goodwill and politeness for the sake of getting cooperation were different flavors. Further, the attitudes and speech of those around Bella would indicate that she was now involved with an organization of thousands of people rather than the small groups she had previously experienced. GeneCorp was, both figuratively and literally, a different type of animal.