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located in Zadonia, a part of Desperate Times...Desperate Measures, one of the many universes on RPG.




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The snorting of horses and the rattle of armor as the chivalry on both sides of this pointless battle stared each other down across the wide expanse. Although the forces of his King commanded greater numbers and more important knights the enemy was without their merits.True armor clad knights usually would take the field every time the Zadonian army had more then one trick hidden up their shirts.

" Peasant swine, they think to break our lines with beggars and street urchins." The man next to him said. Doris by name he like all knights had undergone the pilgrimage although the lesson had fail to make an impression. No doubt Doris though it a mere inconvenience that just slowed his taking of his rightful position in the Grand Game of Life.

" Perhaps Ser Doris but I hardly think that is their Plan A as it where. Besides perhaps they merely intend to tire our sword arms out then send in the real forces as it where." Vorus replied in the studied neutral tone, no point in taking offense at Doris's words the man was as a minnow in this battle of the big fish. Besides sometimes Vorus felt the same about whatever enemy he was fighting. The knights of Tonstria where without equal but the same could not be said of their leadership.Cocky to a fault and twice as stubborn as the donkeys the farmers carried their produce to market with. As evident by the totally preventable defeats they had suffered. But then again a King and council that where smart and wise would just make life too easy wouldn't it. Vorus smirked, which caused Doris to laugh. For Vorus did not as many knights did wear a helmet considering the ability to see sideways worth the tradeoff of losing the minimal protection the helmet gave.After all helmet or not one good whack with mace upside the head and your going down, doesn't matter which smith worked on the helmet.

Amidst his thoughts and banter with Doris came the call to Attention. Snapping the reins of his stallion, a black with a foul temper and a tendency to kick and bite during battle. Vorus had something of a fondness for foul tempered blacks, a legacy of his training as a squire. The predictable enemy charge which was met with the even more predictable volley of arrows which lo and behold barely made a dent in their numbers.Honestly why bother wasting the arrows. Vorus thought with contempt. Nearly 31 years of fighting battles and wars and their tactics had not changed a whit.

Now came the order to charge and lances in hand the chivalry did just that. Riding mounts bred and trained for war the knights where admittedly a fine sight. All flashing armor and silk capes dyed the colors of their houses, snorting horses they seemed unstoppable force. Like a wave breaking on the shore they plunged deep into the enemy. Lances impaled their targets and where traded for swor, mace, and axe. Then the brutal carnage began., screams filled the air as the poorly armored infantry met the fine steel the Knights wielded. Realizing the steel clad knights made poor targets the enemy aimed for the horses. Knights came tumbling down but Vorus with a lifetime of battle rolled back up his sword and shield leading. Pivot, strike, thrust, spin, rise shield, shield smash followed by a vicious downward slash. He moved with the same grace and speed he had when he was 16. Nothing could stop him. And that was what had this veteran Knight worried, surely the enemy must have something more to offer then this.

But trapped in the bloody melee of the battle all Vorus could see was the proud standard of Tonstria being carried deeper into the ranks of the enemy.Pivot,thrust, thrust shield up then sideways, lash out with foot, impale falling enemy with blade, pull out, duck low to avoid spear.