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located in Zadonia, a part of Desperate Times...Desperate Measures, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Vorus caught up as he was with the main bulk of the Zadonia army was hard pressed. He and the men he lead where making much progress into the ranks of the latest nation to be declared an enemy by the fool King of Tonstria. Exactly what did such a weak nation do to us to deserve the flower of it's youth culled, to have it's sage's wisdom poured upon the blood stained ground. An unnecessary thought in the middle of battle but even with thougt distracting him the Veteran Knight was pressing in, Every sword stroke bringing him and his unit closer to the rear of the Zadonia forces. Soon the field would theirs, then a march too the Capital city of their enemy. And another victory underneath the Tonstria armies belt, and more spoils for their ever greedy king.

But fate is a fickle mistress and what seemed to be victory turned into retreat, the horns ringing clear even over the screaming of the wounded and the clashing of steel. Now there is a sound I have not heard some time, I wonder....No that blowhard Faros would never order a retreat under these circumstances. The man is like a attack dog, he never lets go when he tastes blood. He mused as he and the unit under his command slashed their way back through the seemingly content enemy. No doubt relived to be spared further slaughter. Maybe the Prince, he was always on the emotional side then again he is still young and mostly green. But our losses are hardly staggering, I wonder... He thought as he finally breached the enemy ranks with his unit in tow.

Truth be told Vorus was more puzzled then anything by the retreat order. Such methods where not Faros's ways and the Prince with his no doubt clear view of the field could see it was mainly a one sided slaughter. But the Veteran Knight was somewhat glad to quit the field, slaughtering the small folk always left a sour taste in his mouth. He was a Knight covered in the finest steel money could buy,using weapons a peasant could only dream of, with a lifetime of battle behind him. It always felt wrong to war against such nations who even when against the wall couldn't muster a defense that was worth mentioning. " If that brat wasn't the Prince I'd give him a piece of my mind. Ordering a Mithra forsaken retreat just as victory was ours. His wet nurse must failed to give him enough hits across the backside. Nothing like a beating to beat some sense into a child." A Knight of Vorus's unit side behind him, his voice filled with scorn as he unsuccessfully tried to keep up with the mounted knights and remove the twisted helmet off his head. Many knights had lost their mounts in the initial charge into the enemy ranks, Vorus among them.

" He is still green and young Ser Gungthir, we all make mistakes when we are young." Vorus said more in effort to be diplomatic then an actual defense of the Prince. No doubt their is a real reason behind this then mere fear of a new commander. He thought with some concern, Vorus did not like surprises. For they tended to be of the ill omen type.

" Maybe, but this Prince of ours has gotten to learn quicker then we did. We mess up it only cost us our lives. Like or not our lives are in his hands. And he's got to learn war is no tourney waged on a bright sunny afternoon with a feast afterward." Ser Gungthir replied as the trudged alongside the other knights who found themselves without mounts. The enemy had so far had shown no tendency to attack them as they marched off but Vorus along with every other unit commander sent rear guards to reinforce the watch.

" I suppose your right but the Prince must have some reason. After all he has Faros to advise him.." Vorus said in return taking a few deep breaths.

In reply Ser Gungthir made a rude sign not commonly seen amongst the nobility. Faros was respected among the ranks as a capable commander and warrior but his loyalty to a fault earned him much scorn. It was rumored the man would do anything the King asked of him and even amongst the mostly amoral Knights of Tonstria that was considered a sin. Even they would not cross some lines, more then one knight had met his end on the headsman block for disobeying the King. " That's what I think of Faros. I tell you Ser Vorus it's like each new king is greedier, meaner, and stupider then the last."

" Well at least there is some hope in this Prince, he only thus far shares his father's face."

" Perhaps Ser Vorus but he is too much of a soft touch to be a King. Don't get me wrong I am glad he isn't the iron fisted tyrant his father is but he is going to need some backbone to rule a kingdom like Tonstria. Our commanders are skilled and well liked amongst the ranks, us knights are numerous and skilled, our borders stretch far, and our vaults are filled with the spoils of our countless victories. If the Prince isn't careful his soft heart will be his doom."