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Snippet #372233

located in Medieval Kingdom, a part of Arabella Demonte - Rogue Princess, one of the many universes on RPG.

Medieval Kingdom

Kingdom of Donaria


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The King raised his eyebrows as the crowd of guards flowed around her. She waited for something...and he was farely sure he knew what it was. She muttered a small "Hello" in his direction, which caused him to grin devilishly. "Why hello, little must be the Princess The Crimson Knight spoke of. He did say that you were nonagressive, but I didnt think he meant submissive." The bearded man cackled. "Alas, alas, why are you here, Mi'lady? I'm more than willing to listen to you." He said, motioning for her to ride beside him. Meanwhile, Zermon had just finished changing from his Crimson Knight armor, into his Regal Lord armor, and jogged up to the King and his new guest. His ebony hair moved with the wind, and out of his face. He felt so much lighter outside of the red fortress that imprisoned him half of the time. "My leige, whom might this be?" he said, feigning ignorance as he kept pace with the two riders. It wasnt long before they were outside the gates of Donaria's castle.

The Black Knights all looked amongst eachother. Eckesakes walked idly over to Vyra. He lifted his helm from his face, revealing a blonde headed man, with scars running across his face horizontally. "So. What is your name, son? You're good enough to take down one of us, which automatically qualifies you for being one of us...what would you do though?" He said, with almost what sounded like concern in his voice. "Our king knows no mercy, and you will most likely executed. If you join us, however, he will spare you....hopefully." He held his helm under his arm. "Either time you fight us, it might help to know a tiny bit about us, huh?" He chuckled. He knew the rest of the Knights wouldnt mind him telling Vyra about them.
"Well, the first is Mass. He's that big fellow with the spear you took. Word to the wise: If you didnt notice, he has a chain that connects that thing to his armor. He was a captain in the royal guard for about a year, if I'm not mistaken...." Eckesakes said, pointing to the knight.
"Then, there is Launcher. Archer extrodinare. Saw him shoot a butterfly at three-hundred paces. While it was flying.
Goldtongue right there....isnt much of a fighter, but he could convince you to poison yourself almost. He knows how to talk." He said, snickering.
"That there, is....or was Bear. Goldtongue's brother. Shame he was cut down.
Next is Mute. He's the silent strong type. Rarely speaks, but when he fights, he means business.
That is Shadow. He works as our assassin, but I've seen him with a shortsword. It's clean work.
Warp, as you've seen works with ancient shit. Never seen anything like it, but he's scary as fuck. Once you've heard his voice, you cant unhear it. He's a mimic. If he were ever to meet eyes with someone, he would imatate them perfectly down to fingernail length. It's why he always looks down. Not that you can tell, with that hood.
He's Reaper. Fairly new guy, like me, but he uses weird farming tools as weapons. He says that it's because he was a farmer, but I dont believe that for a second. He kills to easy too be a field worker."
Eckesakes finally finished.