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Death is a natural occurrence, an occurrence that comes with a barrage of negative emotion's. Death is something that can either be natural or artificial due to human interference. This is the year 2107 were death, is something nearly always caused by humanity. Criminals, are people who defy the laws set up by the Government's. They harm innocent people, for the sake of materialistic possession's. Around a hundred years ago a University student named Light Yagami, used a supernatural note-book to actively wipe out criminals. He went by the pseudonym Kira, a name which inspired Justice. A name which is now regarded as a myth, although some people still hope for his return. Hope isn't going to bring about change, only action can do this.

Lezune Komochi, seventeen years old. A student with excellent grades, and in all advanced classes. A student who many teachers boasted about, one completely focused on his studies. A man with intention's to change the world for the better. A man who had suffered due to criminals, a man who had grown to detest any form of crime. That exact college student was sitting down in a black fold up chair. This student was seen sitting in his room in his three story home, holding a note-book in his hands. The Words on the note-book were "Death Note". Lezune was holding a pencil in his hand and had his lap-top opened up to Yahoo.

He was looking at crime news, with a smile on his face. Get Ready World, a new age is coming.. one where crime will no longer exist. He opened up his note-book to the first page. Ten name's were written, and he looked at a page of information about the latest crime. He then began writing down the name of a man who had robbed a bank, and then he smiled. Like Queen said, another one bites the dust..