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"Hiro come down stairs for breakfast" her mother called as the white blonde girl ran down stairs "Coming!" she yelled back as she skid to a stop on the linoleum floor "Morning mom Morning dad" she said smiling as she crawled up onto her chair, Yes Crawled Yes she was thirteen but she was short fro her age and often passed off as a 9 or ten year old.

"Mom can you turn on the news?" she asked while her mother turned on the TV "We now go live to our street reporter, So whats the news?" the Anchor asked the reporter "I'm here at at the federal prison where a huge string of deaths has just occurred Police are unsure of how they all died but Detectives and forensics specialists are working on deciphering what may have happened right now" The reporter said.

"Thank you Jun keep us updated, thank you for watching this is Sakura TV with the 8:00 news Tune in at 5P.M for more on the case." The news anchor said as Hiromi turned the TV off "How boring" she said nonchalantly "I bet the Tokyo Police task force already know who's committing the murders its completely obvious" she said smirking.

"Hiro stop acting so smug " her father said looking up from the news paper at his adopted daughter "You need to stop acting like you know everything" he said "Hiro, sweetie we understand you grew up solving cases like this at Wammy's house but couldn't you try acting just a little bit like a child every now and then" her mother added.

"I'm going out for a while" Hiromi said grabbing her library card off the counter and walking out.