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Egide sat in his swivel chair, happily turning back and forth. He stirred his coffee idly, as he smirked at the screen on his computer.
"Glad to be of service, sir. I'm just happy we caught him. I'll follow up with my police report tomorrow, you should be able to read it within a week."
"Thank you very much. I can't express my gratitude in mere words. What reward would you like?"
"No need. Your son's safety is all the thanks I need. I won't be contacting you again though. You know the proper channels if you need me again."
With that, Egide clicked off the microphone, followed by the voice masking program, and finally the messaging software itself. He sighed, and glanced around his study. There were hardly ever any interesting cases anymore. Take this latest one for example. A simple kidnapping case. He had solved it in a day. And the motive was absolutely boring. A ransom. Weren't criminals creative anymore? What happened to the days when you had a good reason to be a criminal? And they weren't even smart. They had handwritten the note. It took only a few hours for the Genetech computers to match it up against the public databases. Honestly, he had no idea why he had even been asked for help. The police could have done the same, though maybe not as quickly. He rubbed his forehead with his thumb and forefinger, wishing for a decent intellectual challenge. He looked at his computer once more, and looked at the small W icon in the corner. Maybe somebody from that deplorable Whammy knew of some interesting cases. And dunce though he may be, the new L was usually a rather worthy opponent in virtual chess. He pulled up the program, and splashed his name across the screen, initiating contact, and waited.

That name was Eraldo Coil.