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Ayama sat in the secluded darkness of her room, staring emotionlessly at the pure white paper that glowed up at her. She gripped her pen tightly in her thin fingers, eyes blurring, heart hammering wildly in her small chest. She swallowed slowly, the sound of it echoing loudly in her ears. She felt her hand tremble as she met the point of the pen to the paper, the black ink jittering with her grasp.

Calm down, you stupid girl! She rouged, mentally slapping herself for her weakness. Again, the thoughts coiled in her mind like smoke, along with the names and faces of those she planned on killing, whose existance she was going to end tonight.

Again, her hands began to tremble, violently, and she unwillingly backed away from her Death Note, closing the book quickly. The silver letter gleamed at her, like the glinting eyes of a predator. She inhaled sharply as a cool hand touched the small of her back. Rin the shinigami stared down at her with unfocused eyes, lips parted in a huge smile.

"What is the matter, my girl...?" She asked in that flat, yet amused, tone. "Are you frightened of the Death Note? Can you not kill as I thought you could?" Ayama's heart sped dangerously, her breaths coming faster.

"N-no, you stupid creature! Of course not! How silly to... even think..." Her words trailed, failing on her lips. She licked them from their wizened state and went back to her desk. She regrasped her pen and, this time, pressed the point tightly to the ghostly paper, scribbling the names of her enemies.

Once they were all recorded, she decided to watch the action.

"Rin..." She spoke blankly, reaching out for the shinigami's forearm. Rin smirked evilly, and, soon, the two were transported outside a gloomy apartment building, completely engulfed in darkness. She stalked towards the window she knew too well and parted the outside covering, gazing inside.

A girl with blonde, straight hair sat on the floor of her room, doodling on a black notepad.

Any second... She thought, eyes growing as she watched on.

The girl reached for another colored pen when, suddenly, she froze, blue eyes the size of dining plates, gazing ahead in fear. Her tiny hands flew to her breast, and, with a final twitch, she fell over on the floor, no longer moving. Ayama, purely surprised, threw the window up and propelled herself inside. She snatched the girl's wrist up and, with shaking fingers, pressed her vital veins. Nothing...

Afraid, Ayama turned and ran for the window and into the large, spidery arms of Rin.

"I-impossible...." She choked, quickly releasing the shinigami.

"Of course not, foolish girl... You witnessed it with your own arrogant eyes..." Rin's voice was cold, drained of any humor. It made Ayama's skin dance with iciness.

"R-right.. Come, let's check on the rest." And, with those words spoken, the two dissappeared into the night, the barely audible movement of feet as the girl's mother entered the room. ~

After viewing the deaths of ten of her fellow students, she sat in her room, all her thoughts buzzing. She didn't know what do to! She felt terror rise like bile in the back of her throat, making her tongue plea for something to mask the flavor. She murmured a low, "Be right back.." to Rin and went down into the kitchen. Her mother leaned over a running sink, retreiving a parring knife. She said nothing to the woman as she grabbed an apple from the counter and went back to her room where Rin was gazing at a flashing TV screen. Ayama joined her in watching.

"...Found many prisioners dead in their cells..." Ayama stared, a little suspcious. Her heartbeat flew as the possiblity of another Death Note holder zoomed into mind. She turned to face Rin, who merely smiled back at her.

"I know what you're wondering, dear child, and it's true... There are many Death Notes in this world... There is not only you..." Rin turned back to the TV, a light chortle filling the air. "It seems we have a "little god" here in Tokyo...." Ayama gazed at the shinigami, her eyes blazing.

"Explain!" She demanded, but Rin only laughed.

"All in due time, all in due time..."