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Z was bored. Very, very bored. When you had no reason to work, already possessing limitless amounts of money, there wasn't a whole lot that could hold your interest for any real length of time. Except crime. Criminals were always around, and they always needed catching. That was what Z did for fun, it was pretty much the only thing he did for fun. Everything else just seemed so...dull. He would have to find more interesting cases than these though. As crimes went, these were pitiful. Hardly worth his time. But that was just it- he had too much time, and nothing to do with it. That was the only reason why he took such cases, he was waiting for some real crime-
"I'm Anna Harply, and this is the BBC news at 10." a sudden pop-up appeared on his laptop to alert him of any breaking crimes, "There has been a world-wide shock today as hundreds of criminals all over the world suffered simultaneous, fatal heart attacks..."
Z snapped around instantly, his mind whirling. It was as though some God had anwered his prayers. He had already stopped listening to the broadcast-this story sounded familiar to him, but he just couldn't place it. He needed to think, needed to remember. Switching on his Ipod, he began listening to Bolt Thrower's "World Eater". His mind was already loosening up, already working faster. What had the old case been...what had it been? He stopped suddenly as it hit him.
The Kira case.
The last time this had happened, it had been going on in Japan. He should go to Japan, it would be a good place to start.
"No you shouldn't" he murmured to himself
"Yes I should." he replied
"No you shouldn't."
"YES, I should."
"No, you shouldn't."
"Right! That's it! I'm going to Japan!" he shouted, though he was the only one there to hear it. He wondered who else was already on this case, and how much they knew...