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Ayama, after engulfing all five volumes, sat in the darkened corner of the library, staring at the dust particles that fluttered in the air. So there had been more Death Note users, huh? She thought, clenching her jaw. There had been six, all under the title of Kira. How unoriginal... I could do better than they... I know I could... Suddenly, a whole new prospect opened itself to her, making her leap up, Rin slipping off the back of the leather couch she was resting on.

"Damn child, what is it that runs through that human mind?" Rin asked icily, but Ayama was ignorant to her spite; she had a new idea, one that'd actually be meaningful.

"Rin, I'm going to create a new world..." She smiled, running a slithering hand over the Death Note. "And I'm going to start with finding this 'little god'." She chortled silently, shoulders shaking. The Librarian walked over and shushed her, causing Ayama's cheeks to burn.

"Oh, how perfect..." Mused Rin, looking as if this whole world was nothing more than a slow movie. "A girl afraid of a librarian is going to run the new world.." Ayama glared at the shinigami, then smirked wickedly.

"Say, ma'am, what is your name? I think I've seen you before." Ayama turned on her innocent-girl charisma, batting her dark eyelashes. The woman turned to her supciously.

"My name's Mrs. Bentokin. Bentonkin Chou." The woman huffed off, disappearing into the maze of bookcases.

"Haha, watch this Rin..." Ayama pulled out her Death Note and scribbled the name in, giggling all the while. After writing, she placed the notebook on the dark wood table and waited, listening to the creaking of the floor as the woman walked. Suddenly, the creaking ceased, and a loud, deadly thud resounded throughout the building, although she doubted if anyone was here. She continued giggling, stuffing fingers into her mouth to stop. She couldn't help herself, she was ecstatic with joy. She was going to be the "little goddess" around here. ~

After she finished the letter, she folded it six times and shoved it into an elegant envolpe. The library had fine stantionary, and Ayama had the time to work on her penmanship.

"There, Rin. I'm sending this to Sakura TV, since they had once supported Kira, and telling them that there are two more coming to rule." She howled with laughter, Rin staring at her with emotionless eyes.

"So you are serious, foolish girl? You are claiming your boundment to a person who know not?" Rin's cold eyes followed Ayama as she looked for stamps below the check-out counter.

"Of course, silly creature. I'm going to be goddess of the new world, and you said yourself there was a "little god". I plan on ruling the world with him." She found a stamp and peeled the back off, placing the stamp perfectly in the corner. Rin leaned back on the leather couch, staring at the ceiling.

"You say 'him'. How do you know it to be male?" Ayama didn't look up as she spoke,

"I have a sure feeling. And, besides, why would a woman call herself a 'god'?" Rin shrugged, folding her long arms behind her head. Ayama placed the envolpe on the counter, staring at it blankly. Questions still buzzed in her head, as she knew doubt would always gnaw at her. Could she really trust this new Kira? Would he kill her as well? What could she do if he tried to go against her?

"You know..." Rin hummed coolly from across the room, smiling. "There is a way to see the names of others without asking. Many will become wise to the ways of the Death Note, and, well, if you use this power, there'd be no way around it." She laughed cruelly, the hairs on the back of Ayama's neck prickling. She sighed, smoothing her dress along her hips.

"What is this way?"

"Ha, it is called the 'eye trade'. I give you my eyes in exchange for half of your remaining lifespan...." Ayama stared at the shinigami, clearly disturbed. Give up half her life? That would mean she'd die before her fellow god. She wouldn't allow that. But, it was a precaution. What if he tried to do the same? What if he already had the eyes? She gasped into her open hand, staring at the floor. She tried to speak, but the words halted in her throat. Many minutes passed before she finally managed,

"A-alright... I'll do it..."

Suddenly, Rin was beside her, her cold hands wrapped around her body, her face contorted evilly. The lock on the library front door swirled closed, and soon a pain erupted down Ayama's head, her scream echoeing in the sky.~

(Don't worry, I won't god-mod with it. She won't even use it until asked. (: P.S. Let's just say that the letter was already sent. ^-^)