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The flight from England had been long and boring, but it had given Z some time to plan his next steps, and think things through. Although he didn't know for sure who else was on the case, he was 99% certain that L would be one of them. He had worked with L only once before, and that hadn't exactly been brilliant, especially not after he accidently shot one of his/her/its key witnesses who also happened to be the crime boss Z had been after. That posed another question entirely, was L male or female? He had never actually found out, because he or she kept hiding behind one of those stupid voice-masking programmes. Still, despite their differences, he had resolved to contact her as soon as he was ready to begin his investigations in Japan.
The other person likely to be on the case would be Elraldo Coil. He had never worked with him before, but he always heard good things. Apparently he was from Whammy House too. Perhaps Z would see if he could get in contact with him, should his attempts at an alliance with L fail.
Now he was standing at the entrance to the airport, looking for contacts he had within Japan. Only one name came up. Toru Komochi. Z remembered the old man fondly, he had been the one who had taught him self defence at Whammy House. Z wasn't really sure if the old man would still remember him, after all, he had changed significantly since his time back then, which was several years ago. He wasn't even sure if he still had the right number, but it was at least worth a try. His reasons for calling would be two-fold. Firstly, he needed someone he knew he could trust to help him with certain matters that may arise due to legislation differences and whatnot. Secondly, he had forgotten his gun, leaving it beneath his pillow in his rush to get on board his flight to Japan. He remembered that Toru was the head of Global Defence, so he should at least be able to help him wth that.
Taking out his mobile, which was completely untraceable (except possibly by a company as advanced as Genetech), he dialled the number. It rang twice before a young man answered
"Lezune here."
Must be Toru's secretary or something thought Z, slightly annoyed that he would have to go through this person first.
"Umm, hi." replied Z "Can I please speak to Toru Komochi? Tell him its Z, and that its important."
He hoped the old man was available, because he hated waiting, but that was what he would have to do if Toru coudn't answer straight away.

(Yes, I made up his name, Chu. I did PM you about it, and you didn't say anything specific, so I made it up. Hope you don't mind.)