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Snippet #802202

located in Lost Haven, a part of Swan Song, one of the many universes on RPG.

Lost Haven

Main City. Will make Genesis once we get to that point.


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Fastest typist of the entire company. It wasn't the achievement of the century, but Jeremy was glad that it allowed him to finish his daily routine slightly earlier than the other drones he unashamedly formed a part of. With his job done, he would be able to return to his exciting single life of sitting on his second hand sofa, flicking through different channels that only showed repeats and occasionally picking up the news to read about the exhilarating lives of people he really didn't care about. It wasn't the lifestyle he had dreamed of as a child, he had wanted to be a musician, but his current monotonous state kept problems away. That was enough to keep him from sighing as he finished his most recent report and began to gather his possessions from the desk of his grey cubicle.

That grey cubicle was a perfect representation of his condition. Sealed of from others in a cage of what for some would be depressing boredom under the guise of Sean Sheppard, with only an average computer providing contact with the outside world. Of course, he had many times had the chance to create a mediocre social life with which he could spice things up, but the truth was that doing so scared him. This was more or less how his mother had wanted him to be, for protection, but she had disappeared before being able to specify exactly how protected he needed to be. For now this would do, however. It kept him safe, away from whatever it was that would seek him out relentlessly if he were to reveal his identity as Jeremy Krammer.

Fortunately, or unfortunately for Jeremy, all of this was about to change.

"Hey, Sean, we're going out for a drink later. Me and a few others. Coming?"

James Linz, the drone that worked in the cubicle next to Jeremy's and was currently leaning over the thin board that separated them. He was a year older then Jeremy, but appeared to be around his early thirties with his balding head and slightly retro dress sense. There was no established friendship between them, but James had seen Jeremy leave the office every day alone without saying more than a simple 'goodbye', 'see you tomorrow' or 'have a nice weekend' and felt it was time to get him out and about.

Jeremy, as he placed a number or files in his case neatly, looked up and smiled. He appreciated the offer, and he found it even touching that someone would open up in such a way without a hidden motive, presuming their wasn't one, but he knew that making himself known in public, even a little, was out of the question.

"I can't, James, but thanks. Work to do, you know? Maybe another day," he replied with an almost apologetic shrug and smile. "Listen, though. I heard Stevenson complaining earlier. If you want, I can get those reports you need doing finished by Monday."

At first, James offered a similar shrug to Jeremy's. It wasn't the first time Jeremy had rejected his offer, and a nice as the loner seemed, he was beginning to consider whether Jeremy really was being sincere with his cushioned response. This though faded as soon as Jeremy asked whether he wanted to save his job, however. He had been asking people to come out with him to his favorite bar because, as Mr. Stevenson had said, he was walking on thin ice. His job was in danger, and before being fired he wanted to have a little send off, even if nobody else knew what the get together was for.
Jeremy had offered help in his time of need. There were the reports that needed to be written, and James knew that there wasn't enough time to do so.

"Err, thanks. Really, thank you." James replied with a surprised smile. "I'll just get the files."

James' head disappeared behind the grey board, and immediately Jeremy began to hear the rustling of papers. It may have seemed like Jeremy was doing James a favour, and he was, but it was Jeremy that felt he was obtaining the most benefit in the deal. It was something to keep him busy during the passing hours at home. Even another report, doing the exact same thing he did at work, was good enough. It was an activity that would stop his mind from going numb as he stared out of the window of his apartment upon Lost Haven city yet again.

James reappeared with a brown folder in his grasp, leaning back over the cubicle border with a relieved expression. His gratitude was clearly visible, and Jeremy could tell he wouldn't be forgetting the favour any time soon.

"Just remember to invite me next to you and the guys go out." Jeremy said as he placed his hand on the folder, earning a nod from James. That was expected, but what happened next wasn't.

Jeremy felt himself being suddenly soaked, as if someone had decided to install a well camouflaged shower in his cubicle. It startled him at first, until he saw the same happening to James. The incendiary sprinklers had been activated, and the only clue as to why was the terrified employee that ran past screaming.

"Evacuate the building!"