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located in Lost Haven, a part of Swan Song, one of the many universes on RPG.

Lost Haven

Main City. Will make Genesis once we get to that point.


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It didn't take long at all to escape. In fact, Jeremy wasn't sure how he had escaped. Everything had happened so quickly there was no way to explain why he was suddenly on his knees in the main lobby.

He saw James nearby, adding to the stains on his clothing by vomiting in the corner, partly covering his own shoes. A small number of others were doing the same, although the majority had darted to either the street or the nearest bathroom. Jeremy could easily understand why many were reacting in such a way. The sensation during those few seconds, the seconds during which he felt as if he had been thrust through matter itself, had been horrible. His stomach was strong enough to hold down whatever revolting liquids could attempt to project themselves out of his mouth, but all the same, he felt incredibly weak. He was wet, still being rained upon by the lobby sprinklers as he attempted to stand up.

He failed that mission. One leg gave way as he pushed himself away from the floor, allowing him to collapse back to the floor. His previous sprint and huge physical effort had taken a lot out of him, and the recent minute, well, he wasn't vomiting but was quite close to doing so.

"What the... what was that?"

It was James' voice. As Jeremy looked over his shoulder he his work comrade approaching, wiping a number of half digested pieces of meat and vegetables from around his lips. He had looked better.

"We're safe now. That's what matters," Jeremy said in an assuring manner, wiping a combination of sweat and water meant to protect the building from fire from his forehead. This statement was contradicted almost immediately, however, by a sudden crash from above. It seemed that no matter how quickly you could suddenly appear in a building's lobby surrounded by other workers having been on one of the top floors moments before, you were never completely out of harm's way. The building was, apparently, still in flames, and judging by the amount of people around him, the floors above still contained innocents attempting to escape.

"They'll be fine," James spoke softly, kneeling at the sitting Jeremy's side. "Whatever helped us, or whoever did it. The others won't be left behind." He had more than likely seen Jeremy's face, and after working in cubicles next to one another for five years, even without being friends, James knew more or less how Jeremy thought and what he was planning. One could learn a lot simply from reports. Jeremy had covered for James more than once, and the reports that Jeremy took care of said a lot about him. "Look, I know you helped me. But, you can't help a whole building full of people to escape. It's probably already being taken care of. We need to get home."

Jeremy nodded. In all honesty, James was right. Jeremy knew he had an ability, knew that like others throughout the world, he was a Swan. He was physically superior, despite whatever story his appearance told, but being able to run and jump better than most others wasn't enough to save thirty-five floors worth of terrified innocents. And that was what hurt the most. He wanted to prove that Swans deserved the same freedom and equality that everyone deserved, but was afraid to confess he formed part of that frowned upon group, without the power to demonstrate just how much a simple genetic mutation could benefit society. He had no doubt, though, that his sudden escape from the burning floor was the work of another Swan. Technology wasn't that advanced. It had to be the work of someone with an ability. The world needed more people like the one that had just been the saviour of many, without searching for thanks or glory. Such selfless acts maintained Jeremy's faith in the Swan's acceptance.

James placed his hands under Jeremy's shoulder and, with their joint effort, Jeremy managed to stand. As physically evolved as he was, he still knew what it was to be fatigued. He ached, his legs mostly.

"I'll give you a ride home," James offered as he allowed Jeremy to place his weight on him. Jeremy's arm was slumped around James, and he was staggering onwards towards a rusted brown vehicle. He immediately recognised it as James' car. "Come on Sean, nearly there. Where do you live?"

With help, Jeremy sat in the seat next to James' and rested his head against it. He wanted to sleep, and to do so he wanted his bed. To get there though, he would need to tell James where he lived, and that made him uncomfortable.
This discomfort was cast aside after a moment. If his body could talk it would tell him to forget his slight paranoia just for a little while and let James take him home.

So he did.

After thirty minutes driving, they arrived at the shabby block of flats that housed Jeremy and his neighbours. It was a cheap area in the city centre, covered with graffiti and haunted by family arguments constantly present. It was Jeremy's home, and had been for the last six years. Despite his job being a mundane one, it paid quite well, and would normally allow one to purchase a slightly... cleaner, home.

Their goodbye was quick, and as he saw James drive away he fumbled around in his pockets for his keys. In reality, despite having a key chain, there was only one key for his one door and lack of vehicle. This one key was used a minute later to open the door to his home, revealing the empty space that was his flat. The conditions in there were considerably better than in the rest of the building, mainly because Jeremy had next to nothing to do, leaving him with the grand activity known as cleaning. There was also a small television that had kept him occupied, but that had been broken for a week. What Jeremy had recently chosen to keep himself buy was his work, which, as he thought about what had just happened, he realised was lost. The building was burning down, and he would be left without income. A stressful situation to say the least. He would have to check the news to see what was happening. That would mean purchasing another television.

The purchase wouldn't be a problem. Jeremy had his savings, hidden in a ceiling tile, saved for when the need rised. Now was a better time than any to break it out.

As he made his way over to the chosen ceiling tile, something caught his attention. His phone, normally inactive, had a little light that would flash red if a message was left. As the situation was, that light was flashing. For Jeremy and his lack of a social life, this was a rare occurrence.

Abandoning the sealed away money, Jeremy approached the communication device with curiosity and pressed the button that would allow him to hear the voice of whoever had chosen to leave the message. Said voice was muffled, a if someone was making an effort to be completely unrecognisable. Jeremy was honestly intrigued, but frightened by what was said.

"Hello, Jeremy. We know about you, and are coming."