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located in Anachrosia, a part of Once Upon a Time, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Urvant grunted as he strode into the small town. It had been a long day of travel for him...and for good reason. He was forced to walk wherever he went...only the sturdiest, most powerful steeds could carry him: Dwarven rams. And seeing how his stature didn't match his temper, he figured that walking was his only choice. His armor slammed as he pushed himself into the inn, where he was greeted, and even hailed.

"'Ey! Look who it is! Whot migh'chu' be doin' out here, you bloo'y beast!" One of the inn's patrons asked with a large grin.
The heavily armored man removed his feathered helm, and looked across the few people in the inn. "Primarily, to ask how many of this town would fight in the name of the human kingdom. Zabrigo requests soldiers for his Imperial Army, and is offering grand rewards to those whom at least fight in the name of your King, and his Kingdom. Fifty gold pieces will be given to each family upon simply joining the war effort, and 25 for each month you are away from home. Your armor and weaponry will be provided, and so will be provisions that you need during the war. Most forget how wealthy we humans are." The blonde haired crusader annouced. "Get all those whom are interested in joining, and gather them here. Once I have count, we will head back to the kingdom on the 'morrow."

The crowd, almost seemed rallied by such a simple speach...just because he was the one giving it. Men and women alike talked briefly amongst themselves. Before long more people entered the inn, with friends in tow. They began to chitter amongst themselves before a man in a semi-formal suit came up to him. "Well, it seems like you've recruited quite a few of our townspeople...but we've a proposition for you, Urvant..." The short man said as he looked up at the knight.
"Speak freely around me, sir. I am not above listening to your requests." Urvant responded boldly, but with a smile.
"V-very good then. see, some of the townspeople are worried. They see a light coming from a short distance away, and are afraid that it might be a camp of bandits, or marauders! I-if you could investigate and report back we'd all be very much relieved!" He told the blonde haired giant.
"Understandable. I oblige." Was the crusader's respsonse. He donned his helmet again, and started out of the door...

He didn't get far before he saw what the mayor spoke of; a dull glow in the distance, a bonfire most likely. He started off in it's direction, keeping his pace mild and relaxed.

As he encroached the fire, he began to analyze his situation. He was in his full armor, that clanked like two bars of heavy iron smashing against each other with each step. Whatever had set up camp would surely hear him, without supernatural hearing. Then there was the issue of lighting...the moon lit the area almost vividly, which was good for him and bad for him at the same time. He could see...but in his armor, he almost literally glowed in the dark as the pale moonlight washed over his reflective steel armor. He could cover his body with his cloak, but it would still leave his head uncovered, a beacon of unstealthiness if there ever was one. Sneaking would be impossible.

He kept his hand on the pommel of his blade as the actual fire came into view...and so did it's occupants. It looked to be one man, whom was lying on a bedroll. Still armored too. Perhaps he had fallen asleep waiting for others...Urvant could never be sure. Still. He slowly approached the man, his armor making as much sound as he predicted it would in the dead silence of the night. Almost positive, this man will awaken. The crusader thought...