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located in Anachrosia, a part of Once Upon a Time, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Kira stalked the two men, head low, hiding in the bushes. Her stomach rumbled just a little, why oh why? On a day like this one, she would normally be having a feast with her pack, eating everything she could fit in her mouth. But ever since she left, the full moon just made her feel lonely and home sick. She watched closely once again, attempting to shake off the hunger. She didn't want to be seen by these two, they would probably attack, and she wan in no mood to fight. All she wanted to do was steal whatever was left of that chicken and hightail it out of there. In the back of her head, she couldn't help but worry though. If they caught her, they might try to skin her and use her pelt as a cape. She had seen a human wearing a wolf-skin pelt before... It had made her very sad, but the man had insisted to his friends that it was on of the strongest things out there. She knew that was wrong, her skin was easy to cut, just like a human's. She let out a quiet snort and looked still. The younger human was occupied with the older man now... He might not see her if she could sneak up quietly...

She walked out slowly, on all fours, keeping herself as close to the ground as possible. She wasn't like her fellow wolves, she was bright red and easy to spot. She sneaked up.

"Slowly...," she whispered to herself, trying her hardest not to be noticed. She then made a vital mistake, she forgot to look at the ground. She stepped on a twig and winced just a little, ducking lower to the ground. He stomach growled and now, she knew that she was doomed. If he hadn't heard that, he was deaf. If not deaf, than he must have really wanted that older man dead.