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located in Anachrosia, a part of Once Upon a Time, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Off in the distance, if one was even decent at hearing, he would hear the sound of a guttural howl. This was Eclipse and it was a strange habit of his to howl at a full moon. He was bigger and more experienced than other wolves and if one would see him, his scarred eye would be the first thing noticed. The next would be his katanas and kimono. At any rate, the wolf-samurai was passing along the road, traveling around the world seeking something and honing his skills... Then a strange scent assaulted his heightened sense of smell. It was the smell of men, steel and iron, fire, and food. He even thought he smelt another wolf but this was fleeting.

He made his way towards the scent as men and steel usually meant a fight was brewing. Men, such brash creatures they were. In a timely matter however, he arrived at the campsite, but quietly stood in the darkness. With his heightened eyes he saw a rather large man encased in steel, a smaller man and a chicken roasting over an open cook fire. Then he caught the scent of the other wolf again, this time closer. He then eyed the chicken and then it made sense why a wolf would brave two rough knights such as these.

He strode confidently into the middle of the camp, claws raised to show the man he meant no harm. Whether or not this work depended on the man and if he provoked first. Men were easily frightened into attacking those different from him, which Eclipse never shared. Perhaps it was him being different himself but still...

"Hello there human." He said in a polite educated, but bestial, manner. "I see that you have already have company." He said, ear twitching towards wear the other man was located. "But I was wondering if you have room for an old hound?" He asked the man. "Ah, my manners. Hello there to you too Sir Knight. What brings a grizzled knight out to the middle of nowhere, eh?" he asked. Then he stared into the darkness to where he smelled the female wolf. He let his snout curl into a smile and winked with a scarred eye.