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located in Anachrosia, a part of Once Upon a Time, one of the many universes on RPG.




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"...As far humans go, he does seem a tad odd. But I am not one to judge, and neither are you, my friend." Urvant said with a light smile. "But I am glad to hear of you, Eclipse. I was told that Xhu was a fine man, honest and caring. I never knew him, but I heard tales of his blade. Quite astonishing. Is it true that he could move his arms so quickly that the wind howled and sung as he swung?" He asked gently.

Before the man could reply, a orange quadriped crawled forth from the was as if it didn't know it was visable. It swiped the man's chicken...and began to eat. He turned his attention back to Eclipse. "Bushido is an honorable path that Pelor accepts as rightious. It is good that you follow some code, friend." Finally, the other furred humanoid spoke. Urvant replied. "It would've been easier to ask. It is late night, and if you wish to dine, then you should allow me to take you back to the inn. I would not mind allowing those to eat that needed it. All of you." He said. "And if anyone has word against it, they can take their issues up with myself." He would say with a boasting smile.

But he himself would stride to the fireside, or what was left of it...the wolfess looked kind of disapointed, and the boy had came back to claim his chicken...only to.... Well. Rude little brat, isn't he? His mind urged to scream.

"Reks, Eclipse, what might bright you two out here into the human lands anyhow? It is none of my business, but I am curious. Moving around as a wolf here is almost like claiming to be a vampire: Nothing but trouble." He asked lightly.