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located in Anachrosia, a part of Once Upon a Time, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Lunqa was walking around a small trading post. She looked at the various items for sale, and the many merchants trying to get her to buy something. She had hardly any money from being gone from home so long. She'd been staying here for a week now, still amazed at what comes through here. She'd seen many animals and beast, delicate items that could only be bought by a king, entire arsenals of weapons she'd never even heard of, and several other shops she didn't think were safe. Each day she'd come out to see what was new, but things have been getting slower and slower. And the odd thing is, most of those merchants were heading in the same direction. She decided tomorrow she'd go and see where they went. She hoped it'd be to a grand city, full of life and intricately designed buildings.

It was late and she was getting tired, she'd hardly slept due to the vastness of the souvenirs she'd seen and bought. It was all she could think of. She made her way to the little tavern/inn they had there. Each time she'd entered, there was a strong aroma of men, men and beer. She quickly make her way through to the stairs and into her room, trying not to get into any trouble. It worked each time, except this. Behind her she heard, "What a pretty little elf we have here. Hey elf! why don't you come and have a seat with us and have a drink?" He held up his mug, making a friendly gesture to have a drink. Lunqa didn't want to seem rude, but she didn't want to be in this room any longer, she was getting a serious headache. She turned around and politely said, "I'm sorry, but I must get to bed." The man stood up and got angry, "Oh I see it, you fancy creatures just hate us humans, huh? Tis one human you didn't want to get upset!" He drew a giant sword out from his side, half the size of him, and he was nearly seven feet. Lunqa was shocked at the size of the sword and the man. Confidently, she drew her rapier. The whole room burst with laughter, laughing at the size of their blades compared. To the average man, the bigger sword always wins. To an elf, the greatest speed and accuracy wins. She had the upper hand, since the man was drinking and he looked disoriented.

The man took a bow and said, "I am Gort, and you shall die." He swing the sword over his head and charged in, screaming. Lunqa smirked and said, "You left yourself open." With elf like speed, she ran forward catching the mans chest with her blade. She sliced his chest and blood splattered everywhere. Wiping the blade off she said, "Don't try to move, I severed several organs that can be healed if you do it quick enough. Moving would only make it worse." Walking past him on the ground, he was panting hard. "Get a healer in here!" A few men ran out the door. Lunqa just made her way to her room, and laid down on her bed. "Men, so worthless."