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located in Anachrosia, a part of Once Upon a Time, one of the many universes on RPG.




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"Dammit... We're too late." He said looking around the town. He felt terrible, these elves did nothing to deserve this. He wandered the town separate from Owari looking for survivors. The blood seemed fresh and the smoke said that the building were set fire to recently. With a flourish he withdrew both Katana's from his side and continued his hunt for survivors. Every failed attempt to find any just added to his temper.

Finally he turned a corner around a wooden house to find a terrible mountain of bodies. The visage assaulted his eyes to which he immediately turned away from. Living things shouldn't die like that... Then a scent struck his sense of smell. It was that strange scent he smelled at the beginning. He slowly turned his head back mountain and saw what he had smelled. The beast atop the bodies.

The way the creature was situated atop the bodies was it, it snapped Eclipse. He let out a loud, piercing howl full of blood-lust. "You! Monster! How dare you do this to these people! These people did nothing! I will kill you for what you did! Do you understand me?! Come and meet your justice, you damned beast!" He growled at the creature before settling into a low stance with both swords drawn. He stood waiting and snarling at the beast.