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Snippet #852224

located in O'Malleys Family restaurant and pub, a part of Birth Do us Part?, one of the many universes on RPG.

O'Malleys Family restaurant and pub

Welcome to O'malleys. Where friends hangout, family eat and well drunks get drunk. Come in, have a seat, and enjoy your time here.


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Jessica was getting ready for her classes. She had been in college for only a month now, but she found it was just like high school with messed up time schedule and teachers that actually knew what they were talking about. Either way, it was fun! Then again, Jessica had always been the book worm of the group. Heck, one of the rooms in her parent's three story house was nothing but her books. There were books of fantasy, romance, adventure, and everything else you could imagine. One of her favorite books was the story of a prince and princess who were engaged from birth, they grew up being best friends but when they found they were engaged they started to hate each other. Well, through a series of event they both find they love each other, get married, and have a beautiful baby boy.

Jessica chuckled to herself as she stepped into the shower, thinking that it would be silly for that to happen now-a-days. She couldn't think of being engaged to Nate, of all people! Sure, he was her best friend but he was also almost her opposite.

Jessica rinsed out her hair then washed off her body with the girlie soap Nate always said was dorkie, but it never stopped him from sniffing her and completing the scent when she was fresh out of the shower.

Jessica threw her towel on her purple and gold canopy bed that was silk dangling all over it. She loved her bed and her purple room. It was funny, all the main rooms in her parents’ house had a color everyone referred them to, almost like the white house. Her younger sister's room was the pink room, her room was the purple room, her parents' was the tan room, the dining room was red and the living room was white. Her parents were eccentric, but with each of their jobs, they were bringing in more money than anyone ever thought. Something was working for them.

"What to wear, what to wear...." she thought as she looked at her closet.
She finally settled on jeans that had sparkly flower down the side of the right leg and a purple, sparkly, white sash around the waist. She picked a low cut, purple, V-neck shirt that matched the pants. It was quite obvious her love for purple. All shades of purple!

Jessica gathered her books and her large tote bag made from all organic material. She turned to leave her room and bumped into her mom wearing that horrible pink nightgown with the see through rope that had a feather boa for the neck piece. Uck, it was horrible.

"Baby, we need to talk. Your father and I have something we've been keeping from you for a while now and..."

Jessica cut her mother off. "Mother, I'm sure whatever it is, mother, it can wait until after I get home from my classes." Even though she had no voice, her facials and hands always said enough for her. Jessica's mother was always dramatic, it was probably some small thing like the coffee pot broke or she had to fire one of the maids, besides, she was late for meeting Nate. But when she went to leave, her mother grabbed her arm and Jessica could see a look of worry, seriousness, and wonder in her mother's eyes.

"No, Jessica Marie, this has to be now!"

Jessica was taken aback by her mother sternness. She dropped her books and collapsed on her bed, giving her mother her full attention.

"While I was only 6 months pregnant your father was in Asia with some case and he learned most of the business lords there betrothed their kids to keep money and good blood in the family. You know your father and his stupid ideas, they are always so hair brained and he always has to be other people involved..."

"Mom..." Jessica stopped her mother from babbling on and making her even more late for class, "Just tell me."

"Very well. You are betrothed to Nate, yes... Nate Locke. And your father couldn't stop there, he convinced the parents of all your friends to do the same. It was only luck that all of your guys grew up so close. I guess that encouraged the rest of us that this would work. I'm sorry, Jessica."

It took a good moment for it all it all to sink in, but when it did she felt nothing but rage and betrayal. "Sorry?! You're sorry?! I'm going to be f***ing marrying someone that will probably not go far with his family business. He'll make my life nothing but drama and miserable! And you know what else, we're f***ing catholic so I can't get a divorce! My life is over! I wanted to travel the world and learn things, I wanted to make a difference in the world...But no, I'm going to be married by the time I'm f***ing twenty. You and my so called father can go to hell!" She was so angry that words did try to come from her quiet lips only producing a small squeak as she spoke.

Jessica picked up her books and bag and stormed out, her mother tried to grab her only to be pushed back by Jessica. She walked to the big oak tree that her and Nate always met under since they were 6 years old. But she was so filled of rage she just jabbed her pen into the trunk of the tree and walked off, not wanting to see his face. All the while, she wonder how could they do this to her? She would never forgive them for this, never. Not while her and Nate lived together as a married couple.

As the hours passed, it was soon closing in on noon and she knew if she wasn't at O'malleys her friends would be suspicious and track her down. The weather surprising was warm for being the middle of December. Taking her phone out of her pocket, she saw she had no messages which was odd. Deciding to confirm the noon meeting, she sent a quick message to all her friends. "Still set for noon?" She pressed send and walked to O'malleys, a fifteen minute walk from her house. Walking in, she smiled at Stan, the most recent owner and took her booth, rather her friends booth.

"They coming in today?" Stan asked as he brought over her usual iced tea and looked at her.

Nodding her head, she smiled up at Stan. A fake smile, but a smile nonetheless. Inside she was still mad at her parents, bewildered her dad would do this to her, and confused about her future now. She didn't want to see Nate but knew she would have to eventually. She wondered if the rest had been told of the arrangements or if it was just her. She started to stare out the window, unaware of anything going on around her. Her mind running around thoughts, trying to gather her ideas into one area, trying to understand everything and what it meant for her future.