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located in Anachrosia, a part of Once Upon a Time, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Urvant nodded to her, stepping in the direction of the establishment. "If that is where you wish to eat, Kira." He said, even toned. He would escort her to the building's doors, and open them up for her. He looked large, his helm barely over the arch of the doorway. "Ladies first." He offered to her.

Suddenly, a scream rang out in the night. Urvant's helm twisted savagely fast as he looked around, finally seeing the disturbance. Men riding in on horses, rags, bandanas and masks adorned around their face as they rode in, swinging swords and clubs as they rode by citizens. "You may wish to seek shelter inside, Kira." He said boldly. He walked away from the restaraunt, into the middle of the street, in the direct path of the horses.

The horse's riders pulled hard on the reins of their steeds, calling them to a halt, right before the beasts ran tinto Urvant.
"I believe that you should perhaps leave, friends." Urvant said with an unmoving tone.
"'Ey fellas! Look at da pret'y birdy! He wants us ta fly away! Fuckoff, Paladin. We ain't a-scared of you."
"So be it." Urvant said. he flung his cloak away from him, and placed hand on his blade. He jerked his blade from it's sheath, sparks flying from the two metals screaming against each other. He brought it out in front of him. "I'll show you I mean buisness!" He roared, swinging his blade around his body. In a spin, he brought the flat of his claymore against the side of one of the rider's horses. The beast screached, and was knocked clean over, trapping it's rider under it. The other two bandits cried for help, and quickly dismounted.

Bandits surrounded him quickly, unsheathing everything from blades to clubs to staves. The first one came at him, yelling as he raised a blade high in the air, and tried to jump strike the man. The short sword clattered against the steel armor, but only slashed the finish. There was no penetration. Urvant looked at the man agrivatedly, and butted him hard with his armored shoulder. The bandit stumbled back, into the deadly sweep range of his claymore. But he didn't stay there long. Or at least, not as a whole. Urvant didn't waste any time in bringing his blade in a deadly horizontal sweep, cleaving the man cleanly in two, and his body flopped to the ground.

The next man, appearently stupid enough to try and strike was found himself javelined onto the Crusader's sword, as he brought it up to stop the man's rush attack. Urvant twisted the blade, and the sound of the man's ribcage prying apart filled their , the sickening cracks overpowering the man's screams. The last assaulter came from behind, jumping on Urvant's back, trying to stab through his helm with a dagger. The iron weapon grazed off time after time as the helm served it's purpose. Urvant jutted his elbow behind him, hitting the man square in the stomach and, grabbing his leg. Urvant jerked him off of his back, and held him with one arm out in front of him, by his ankle. He dropped the man, only to step on him. Almost four hundred pounds pressed down on the man's head. No wonder it popped like a zit.

He looked towards the rest of the offenders, whom eased back away from him...understandably. "Not afraid yet?!" Urvant yelled. "Then let me show you fear!" He said. He began to swing and whirl his blade around like a maniac, and even Kira could feel the wind generated by the giant swinging around his weapon. (

The bandits had seen enough. They one by one turned and fled as fast as their feet could take them. Urvant sheathed his sword, and turned in Kira's direction.