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located in Civil Encampment, Justice, a part of The Gift, one of the many universes on RPG.

Civil Encampment, Justice

The Civil base camp.


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The pen skated across the parchment, uninterrupted by the dwarf's report. Nodding at the introduction, the cold-eyed General listened to the man speak in his gutteral tones. The General never had much liking for other races, since they always believed that humans were simply physically and mentally inferior to them. However, that racism only applied to the general populace, since he had some acquaintances that he respected that were not of Human descent. Generals that belittled his human army often got.... slighted in battle because of their judgmental decisions, paying the price for the way they thought. Fong Liu-Wen was a human General out to prove the strength that the human race possessed, and to make even the elves and minotaurs fear his army.

"I come bearin' tha news of reinforcements coming to aid you, as well as sorts o' supplies. Commander Grashstone appologizes fer his lack of "grand aid" o' late. He sends my unit, tha First ta aid you, as well as a few other ranks of phalanx and crossbowmen. We are tha First Bear Calvalry Division, Sir. Half a battalion strong. We'll make 'em regret even thinkin' about their shield wall formations an' we'll make a mockery of even tha best Spider and Worg Riders!" He said gruffly, a grin emitted on the dwarf's neutral countenance.

"I see. The bear cavalry will add an interesting addition to the fight, and we could always use more ranged fighters." Fong said dismissively, his eyes meeting the dwarf's, but betraying little emotion other than a taste of amusement. He pulled up a sheet of parchment, and handed it to the dwarf. His other hand continued writing, and refilling his pen as if it was on auto-pilot. The General of the Wind nodded at the parchment, ushering the dwarf to read it. It was multilingual, which meant that the lines were enchanted to change into the language the person reading it was most familiar with. It made it very easy to overcome the language barrier.

"Dukald Garfathen. I have received reports about that particular being in general you see on the parchment you have." Began the General, lacing his fingers together stiffly. "A female Nightmarian Spider known to have one-hundred and two confirmed kills to her name, a magic and physical tank named Murecialga Yan'vega. Mercy." He leaned back slightly, frowning. "She has last been seen fighting for the Savage group as a Mercenary. She wiped out two battalions of elvish and dwarfish fighters, as well as holding her own against a bulkier Mercenary of ours, claiming a almost equal amount of kills to his name, Zareth. She managed to incapacitate a quarter of our archers, and suffocate several mages with her webbing. Tell me, Sergeant," He said, his eyes remaining dulll as ever. "How would you feel if I had hired her? And also.... How would you and the cavalry fight such a woman of repute? Surely, you have heard of her, seeing as somebody like me has."

He held up his hand, waving away a response. "Answer that yourself. I expect you to have a formal and clear answer to those questions by the time I've finished punishing General Ebon." He said.

"Also Sir. My appologies. I should've acted faster in response to the situation. But in my defense, Sir, I was told to report to 'A General'. I was unfamiliar with whom the General was. However, that is my fault as well, and is no excuse. As...for what I saw, I cannot say what exactly happened, but I walked in to find the man and the General socializing, I suppose. They began fighting as soon as the man said something along the lines of wanting to speak with her alone. I respect a fella's wants, so I start to leave, as befer I'm even out o' the tent, he starts summonin' these things ta attack 'er!"

"I understand. Spies certainly do know how to wreak havoc once they work their way up the ladder of trust." His face remained smooth and devoid of emotion. The customary frown on the man's face twitched slightly in thought. "I accept your apology, Sergeant Dukald. However, I expect you to act more quickly next time. If you space out like that on the battlefield, you will be of no use to me on the battlefield, as your head will be rolling on the ground." His tone did not suggest that it was a joke, but neither did it contain a threat. The General left that question unanswered, letting the dwarf figure which it was himself. "You are dismissed, I shall call for you as a representative of the Bear Cavalry if I need your advice."

The pen lifted off the parchment for the last time, quickly placed in the ink bottle. He handed the dwarf the scroll. "This is a grant letter. You and all your men now have access to all the armories, as well as rights to rank, food, and supplies. We now share everything with you. Also, enclosed is a gift of fifty golds for each soldier, as an incentive and gesture of a long lasting alliance." The General waved his hand with finality, as it that was the last matter at hand.

Before Fong could relax, however, another voice rang out from outside his tent.

"Captain Belsius Avaran reporting, sir! I also come to report captain Melianth Avaran's arrival as well! We have successfully taken command over the western plains, and are reporting as ordered. May I come in sir?" A smooth voice came.

"Come in, captain. I expect you to have a reason why Avaran isn't present. Again." The General replied, his voice dipping into cold contempt once more.