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located in Civil Encampment, Justice, a part of The Gift, one of the many universes on RPG.

Civil Encampment, Justice

The Civil base camp.


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"A friend..." the dark elf's smile slowly thinned until only a neutral expression remained. "Damn..." Melianth took a moment to observe her state of bieng and narrowed his eyes slightly. This girl had been crying. Alot. The levitating book and quill along with the layers of filth coating her clothing didn't interest the man nearly as much as the tears. The sudden shift in mood caught the avenger off guard, however.

”Your one of General Fong’s men right?”

"Um, yes I-"

”Tell him not to worry.. I won’t raise him from the dead.. if that’s what he sent you out here for.. just giving him a proper burial.. if he wants to make an issue out of it.. he can try and make me stop!”

"Oh...that won't be necessary...I doubt that bastard even cares beyond the whole dumping the body phase." his words were barely above a whisper, not meant for the little woman to hear, but not intended to offend either. The dark elf captain looked away as if thinking deeply on something, listening as Miralight wandered off on some other unseen task. Her voice, tiny and hoarse--presumeably from crying--brought his attention back to the present.

”Please don’t touch him ok?” and with that, she was off.

Alright...I wont. Melianth padded over across the mud to stand over the funeral pyre. His blood tinted eyes scanned over the wood, and he glanced around. It had rained last night, and the land was covered in a fine layer of moisture. The halfling must have been out here for who knows how long accumulating any bit of dry kindling available, which must have been few and far between indeed. He had to admit though, she did an admirable job of preparing the body and it's eternal resting place. The corpse had been totally cleaned of mud, blood far as deep humans go, an unobservant passerby could've guessed that the man was sleeping. Melianth sighed deeply, and kneeled down before the pyre. He looked on in silence while the halfling returned and prepared the dead man for burning, spreading grass and more kindling. When she finally set the wood to blazing life, Melianth closed his eyes and felt His brother was much more spiritually attuned, and as such was usually assigned to deal with the dead and undead. Belsius had once explained sensing as simply resonating with the dead, feeling what they feel. Melianth felt nothing but the warmth of the flame.

"In the eyes of the Gods, we are but stains of ink on the maps of the universe. Within the eyes of the angels, we are the hope that this world will live on to be a greater place of peace and goodness. From the eyes of the demons, we were made to sew chaos and ruin amongst others. This one, this soul, shall pass on to the holy gates of Haven, by this we hope. This one, this soul, shall never bear witness to the burning pits of Avernus, by this we hope. As shells of the mortal coil, we cannot know. Only this one, this soul, knows who they were, and where they reside. In our eyes though, this one, this soul, shall know their peace, and happiness forever more. Amen." and then, the prayer was finished.

He hadn't been versed in the ways of sensing, but as one of the holy the dark elf could perform burial rights as well as any other. The captain arose from his kneeling position and spoke a word of divine power. The fires burning upon the pyre shifted from an angry red to a soft golden hue, and a feeling of warmth spread from it. Melianth turned toward the halfling and patted her head softly, a warm smile alight on his handsome features.

"Technically, I didn't touch him." the dark elf abruptly spun on his heel and began to walk back towards camp. "Good day, fare maiden." he called over his shoulder.

"Come in, captain. I expect you to have a reason why Avaran isn't present. Again." Belsius winced slightly, knowing by his tone the general was in a mood.

"Yes, general. I sent Melianth out to inspect the camp and aquire some refuge from the torrential weather this place has been having as of late. We would've taken up a captain's tent, but it seems that one is occupied and the other..." the dark elf shrugged in dismissal. "Neither of us feel right with sleeping where a man dead merely a night ago slept. I hope you understand." of course he would, probably just wouldn't care. "My brother should be here to speak with you by this afternoon, at the latest."

Belsius bowed and turned to head towards the entrance. "By your leave, I will excuse myself."