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located in Sugarville, Texas, a part of Lemonade, one of the many universes on RPG.

Sugarville, Texas

A small town near the Texas coast, Sugarville boasts of a highway about 7,000 people and a school. There is trailer park and a wal mart plus four convenience stores, five bars and several restaurants.


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I woke up and i t was still dark. Or it had become dark. I do not remember well. I wandered to my room and took the first thing in the closet. It was a white sundress. I walked barefoot down the stairs out into the patio. There was a porch swing that we had set when i was pregnant with you. I rocked myself with the tips of my feet and stared at our backyard. It was overgrown and animals scurried about. I think our cat had gone wild in the time we had forgotten to pay attention to him. I stopped a bit. There were lights, tiny lights all over the backyard. Fireflies.
You always wanted to catch them but you said you could not...they were there to light the way home. I rose and went to get your bug net.
If I caught one? Would it light your way home?

I stood in the middle of the lawn with the net in my hand. The wind was blowing and whispering all around me, secrets only others could understand.
The moon illuminated the grass and the dew wet my bare feet. I closed my eyes.
Emma if you knew how it felt to be there all alone , you would understand what I did next.
I want you to understand that I am not trying to rid you out of my life...But I am trying to bear this life without you. I caught as many fireflies as I could and brought down the jars of jam and peanut butter. I took out everything from them and cleaned them. With a knife I made holes in lids and put one firefly to the jar. Then I went to the driveway and put a jar on the entrance and then lined the edge of the driveway.

I was not marking your way home. I did not want you to follow it. It was not for you Emma.
It was for Charlie.
I was making a path for her. I then sat on the porch and rocked myself to sleep.