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Snippet #930391

located in Lost Haven, a part of Swan Song, one of the many universes on RPG.

Lost Haven

Main City. Will make Genesis once we get to that point.


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As it turned out there wasn't alot for Lizabee to do in the after math of the explosions. The water system in the building had more or less kept the fire on the upper floors contained. Although the building itself was more or less ruined. As for the people, thanks to Anel and the firefighters and police; most of the civilians were dispersing or being evacuated with the medic doing triage on the spot for those who needed to be tended to then and there. Elizabeth wasn't a healer and therefore her abilities were practically useless in this context.

Then again Lizabee could feel Anel nearby. Probably lurking somewhere out of sight where he could watch the goings on in the city without being seen. This was probably as physically close as they would ever consciously be to each other barring a terrible circumstance. So in a way Elizabeth was hesitant to depart from the scene just yet.

Twitching still as she moved through the crowd that had gathered to watch the disaster, Elizabeth dug the paper out of her pocket again to check for any addresses that might have been nearby. As it happened, McClint's Pub was just a few blocks down the street from her present location. Since she could do any good where she was it seemed only logical to move on with her day as planed.

The pub itself was just a little hole in the wall but it was well maintained and had a good many regulars. Lizabee knew the owner Charlie and when she wasn't busy sometimes she came down to the pub to visit and take advantage of the free glass of beer he always insisted she drink with him. Charlie had also gotten into the habit of letting her have all the free french fries and gravy she wanted on account of what she did for his granddaughter Annie.

Slipping through the door the small pub was more packed than usual with people from the Lennox building who had made a hasty escape early when the trouble had begun. Many of the men and several woman huddled around the bar drinking down cocktails and a shot or two to help settle their frazzled nerves as many recounted to each other their impressions of what had happened and how frightening the experience was. Lizabee took special note of the fact that the words Swan and Terrorism were being thrown together a little more than she cared to hear.

Slightly uncomfortable the red head pulled down the cuff of her sleeve a little more to hid the swan mark that was plainly branded into the inner part of her wrist.

"Hey, Mack. Let me in the back will you?" Lizabee called to the younger bartender who nodded and pulled out his keys to unlock the back door that lead up a flight of stars and into the tenants apartments that sat above the establishment.

Coming to the nearest closed door Lizabee knocked and after a few seconds a man of sixty or so flicked open the locks and let her in.

"Hi Charlie. How is she today?" Lizabee gave the broad square bodied man a hug.

"Hello Kid. She's been calm but I can't get her to eat anything the last day or so. S'far I know, nothings changed. But I just get a feeling like somethings wrong. She's upset about something but I don't understand what." The older man informed her slowly.

"OK. L-let me go see her and I'll see if she'll communicate with me." She assured him.

As Lizabee turned away charlie saw her twitch and caught sight of the light tremble she had to her body. "Hey lil girl, you OK?"

"Yeah I'm OK. Its nothing to worry about. I had a client before this is all." Lizabee patted the man on the hand as he gripped her shoulder. Charlie didn't seem to like it but he let his had drop and focused on re bolted the door.

Annie was about 26 and had been born with a developmental disability that didn't allow her to speak and limited her mobility. Other than that she was a rather bright individual and although she preferred to keep to herself and remain in the apartment she was very capable of expressing her wants and needs in other more non-traditional ways.

"Annie?" When Lizabee walked into the back bedroom she instantly saw why charlie was so concerned. Normally at this time of the day Annie was alert and usually painting in her room or reordering her belongings to please herself. But instead of doing any of her normal activities the woman was sitting at the edge of her bed practically non-responsive as she looked straight ahead.

Lizabee approached her friend carefully. "Ann..."

As Lizabee neared her the older woman did somewhat aknowlege her presence by following her with her eyes which told Elizabeth that Annie was fully aware and that someone she knew was talking to her.

"Charlie says your not eating for him and he seems to think something is wrong.But he also thinks that maybe your not comfortable telling him about it. I thought maybe we could talk instead." Because of Lizabee's abilities the women had worked out a kind of emotional sign language involving a sharing of feeling through the channel Lizabee created for them along with a series of hand squeezing that meant different things. On Lizabee's part she needed only to verbally relate her own responses back to the woman to get her own messages across. In a way it was almost like communicating through colors that were connected to feelings.

At first Annie didn't seem inclined to respond to her but when Lizabee eased down on the bed next to her an acute expression of anxiety come over the other woman and with little warning Annie grabbed up Lizabee's had and seemed almost hysterically insistent that Lizabee connect to her. Surprised my her insistence Lizabee did swiftly open up a channel between them and that's when an emotional storm like no other seemed to open up upon them that was so intense Elizabeth's other hand curled into a shaking fist and the force of her nails digging into her own palm drew blood.


Several minutes later Elizabeth appeared back down in the main bar area with a wild kind of expression on her face as she scanned the crowded room for a particular face. Finally seeing the person she was looking for lizabee pushed her way through the crowd towards a pool table near the back.

The next thing anyone saw was a very crazed looking woman with red hair walk up to one of the patrons playing pool and clock the unsuspecting young man so hard in the face that the momentum kicked him sideways into the table. The next moment Elizabeth Mcgeehan was on top of the guy, pinning his torso against the table with her bleeding knuckle wrapped around the guy's collar.

"You think its fun to go around raping woman you don't know?" Lizabee haled off and punched the guy in the kindney while the crowd watched in stunned silence. "You better fuc-ing answer me if you know what's good for you. Do you think its fun?"

"What the hell Lady-" The younger guy gasped as he struggled to get out of the pin Lizabee had him in.

Overwhelmed with rage that bordered on sadism Lizabee leaned forward so that her teeth were practically grazing the man ear as she talked. "You think you're so hot just because you're young and where born with the business end of natures procreational stick. Well let me tell you a secret pal. You've hurt one of my good friends and in the grand scheme of things no one's going to kick a rats ass if I rip of that part of you that your so fond of waving around. I'm going to let you up now and your going to quietly stand up and walk your sorry butt out that front door. Then you're never going to be seen around here again. You know why? Because while I might not be so vicious as to kill you, that woman's grandfather might be alot more unreasonable. you get me? Freind?"

At that Lizabee released her hold on the guy and forced herself to back off and the crowd parted for her.

"I didn't do nothing to that hussy that she didn't agree to. I didn't hear her say no." The man said indignantly.

unhappy with this response Lizabee snarled and came forward again, this time knee the man hard in the groin as if to further her final point. Annie is Developmentally disabled. She verbally can't say no you asshole!"

As Lizabee backed off a second time leaving the scumbag curled in a ball on the ground the sound of a squad car screamed outside the pub. No doubt somebody, or several people watching the confrontation had dialed 911 with their cell phone.

"Hey, Liz! You need to get out of her now." Mack said as he came around the bar and gabbed hold of her upper arm encouraging her to come to her sensed before she got arrested and thrown in a cell.

It took a few seconds but eventually Lizabee was able to get herself somewhat under control as she felt herself being pulled by Mack and shoved through the back door leading up through the tenent hallway. There was an exterior exit onto the street from there that charlie quickly escorted her to. By this time the older man had figured out what was going on and felt the need to ensure Lizabee got away safety for what she'd done for them.

"Go down the back street and cut over to Kent street. There's a heap of construction going on and the police won't bother hunting you down through there. Oh and thanks...Thanks fer what you did back there for Annie. I woulda never been able to get any of that out of her and now we can see to it that the right guy pays." Charlie said.

It was all Lizabee could do as the angry tears streamed down her face to nod to him before she fled.