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located in Earth, a part of Silverose, one of the many universes on RPG.


Capital of the Solar Empire. Is basically one big nature preserve now, with the cities in glass domes to keep nature out and people in. Big Cities: Nuvo Yorka (yes, New York???), Los Angeles, Romahi (Rome)


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Kofleur smiled as the waiter brought over the water to her table. It looked surprisingly... vacant with only her at it. After all it was a decently large table and capabele of seating at least four people and it was one of the larger tables they had outside. She sighed and stretched a bit. Man, it had been a long time since they'd had a vacation! And she had missed the food so much!!! That was one of the bad things about being in a work cycle for the wayfarers. You were constantly moving and had to keep the lowest profile you could possibly manage, so you ended up having those heat-em-up meals.


As Kofleur started to look hungrily at the rather delicious looking appetizer menu a pair of bobbing ears caught her eye. "Finally!" She thought, "Tei is here." Normally it was Tei that got to places first when they decided to meet up but Kofleur had been lucky this time. She had already been on Earth when Laryn and Sacura called over the comms. She returned to her menu as Teisha sat down at a seat next to her. "So" Kofleur began, "Anything new Tei?"

Teisha took a minute to respond, like always, thinking through her answer. But soon she replied with a rather blunt "No, nothing of importance." Kofleur sighed and returned to her menu discussing with Teisha the possible meal choices for their first meal of their vacation. Although after a short while Kofleur spotted Laryn approaching and she waved him over. Laryn quickly sat down opposite of Teisha and next to Kofleur and buried himself in the menu. Kofleur frowned, recognizing this as a Laryn bad mood. "So" she said trailing off slightly "How's the arm?" She asked. "No better" Came the cutting response. To that, Kofleur sighed "You really shouldn't push it! That could put its healing back for we don't know how long!"

"I know that!" Said Laryn dropping his menu onto the table in disgust. "But I can't sit and just let it be! I gotta check on it, see how it's coming along! Anyway. This is vacation, and not time to worry about stuff like that. Let's order some appetizers while we wait for Cura. I need some good food."

"Right!" Came Kofleur's response. So she wasn't the only one the lame food was getting to eh? Although, come to think of it, wouldn't Laryn be more used to the crappy food? He'd been a Wayfarer much longer than her. Heck, he STARTED the Wayfarers. Just as soon as Kofleur was about to ask, the waiter came by their table with a rather delicious looking antipasto salad. So Kofleur busied herself looking it up in the menu.