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located in Earth, a part of Silverose, one of the many universes on RPG.


Capital of the Solar Empire. Is basically one big nature preserve now, with the cities in glass domes to keep nature out and people in. Big Cities: Nuvo Yorka (yes, New York???), Los Angeles, Romahi (Rome)


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Romahi was the same as Sacura had remembered. She had grown up in this city, but hadn't visited in more than two years. In fact, she had done everything she could to avoid coming back here. While she loved this city, there had been a good reason she had avoided this place for that long. A very good reason. Her anger, however, had also greatly clouded her judgment. She was still ablaze inside. That man had been extremely unlikeable. He had taunted her friends, then attacked her for her race. It was funny. She had been born as a pure blood human, or so she had thought, but she had been forced into this beast form two years ago. She now knew how to change from her human form to her beast for, which was extremely useful for disguise, she had now become more fond of her beast form than her human form, and she had come to think of herself as more a beast than a human. And now her beast blood had reached a boil. She had never been so happy with her job until now.

As she walked through the streets of the capital city, she spied three familiar faces sitting in an outdoor cafe. Finally, she had found them. She walked up to them and plopped herself down in a chair, a look of disgust still on her face. Even still, she was happy to see them. It had been awhile, that was for sure. Laryn's arm didn't look any better, Tei looked as shy as ever, and Ko... Ko just looked like Ko. She had cut her hair short recently for the sake of a disguise, but she knew that she still looked a lot like always. Better than she had after she had fought Chronos, that was for sure. She looked around at group again, then said, "Laryn, did you invite that person you said you had worked with? Althy-something?"