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located in Earth, a part of Silverose, one of the many universes on RPG.


Capital of the Solar Empire. Is basically one big nature preserve now, with the cities in glass domes to keep nature out and people in. Big Cities: Nuvo Yorka (yes, New York???), Los Angeles, Romahi (Rome)


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Laryn looked up at Cura, now resigned from figuring out why Althya was hiding in the bush. "Yeah, sounds good. It's sure been a while." But as he finished speaking, his phone began to ring, as if conspiring to destroy this vacation. Well, to be more precise, one of his phones rang. Laryn was really loaded up with phones and crap. He had his normal cell phone which the Wayfarers and Althya knew the number to, he had his team Silverose comm and he had the phone that rang. That phone was bad news. It was his phone that he did his... dealings with. Without a word Laryn rose and walked a short distance away from the table, opening the phone. "What now?" He said gruffly. though really the question he was asking was who's calling. In response came a female voice. "I'm only telling you this because I owe you one. Got it?"

"Doubtful" he replied. "What do you want Farin?" To which there was a short pause and a sigh. "It's true isn't it? You take nothing at face value." To that she expected a reply but Laryn remained quiet. "Alright. The remnants of the LCA have been acting up recently and are currently on the move here on Endro. Just thought yo might like to know that. You don't take a liking to them."

Laryn paused for a minute before responding. "And neither do you. If they knew about your chop-shop business the'd make you PE numero uno. That's your angle for it. But lucky for you, you're right, I don't like them either. But I ain't gonna be your little bouncer. There's gonna be nothing left of m' when I get through and if one of your cronies is there to I WILL kill them. So I advise you hold back. Oh, and don't even think of calling us even. Actually it seems you owe me more. I'm doing you another favor, aren't I?" With that and amidst Farin's objections Laryn closed the phone. Da*n LCA. Their freaking head was ct off but the arms stll wanted to fight. Well, he couldn't pass up the chance to at least cut a few more fingers off. However, since it WAS Farin there might be someone watching, so he couldn't send anyone else. Looked liek his vacation was gonna start a little late. He turned and walked back to the table with everyone. "Sorry, I'll call you later and find out where you guys went. See ya." Abruptly he tured and began walking toward the teleporter to Endro.


Kofleur objected as Laryn began to walk away "Where do you think you're going!? HEY!! We're on vacation!!" But as she expected he didn't even turn around. He could be so frustrating at times like that. She knew what he used that phone for, she had been around him long enough to recognise when he was talking to one of his... business partners. Why did he even put up with them? Couldn't they get along without having to deal with these people? And it was always just him that dealt with them. Well, she could understand why, but still... what if he got in over his head? Well, no time to worry about that now. She looked back up at the people sitting around the table and smiled. "He'll catch up. Let's start thinking about where to go!"