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located in Earth, a part of Silverose, one of the many universes on RPG.


Capital of the Solar Empire. Is basically one big nature preserve now, with the cities in glass domes to keep nature out and people in. Big Cities: Nuvo Yorka (yes, New York???), Los Angeles, Romahi (Rome)


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Poor waiter... Althya though, though her face did not give away any bit of emotion, a neutral smile still on her face.

These people were friendly, that could not be denied, but it was not easy to sit comfortably in company which all but you are closely acquainted with. It would seem that her silence had even spooked the others a bit, but that could not be helped. Althya simply did not like to speak. It is not because she is shy of what she says, nor is it because she dislikes her voice. She truly believed that through unnecessary speech, so many things could be misinterpreted; lies and drama which could have been avoided. The black haired girl nods to herself; silent communication through body language and expressions are best. (In her opinion of course)

Her thoughts were just pondering the words "feels like you can't even see the sky," when the ringing of a phone disturbed her. The thought of a job were instantly in her mind, but continued to sit quietly as the other conversed around her. As Laryn took his leave, she suddenly felt very alone. The thought of talking was frightening....

Perhaps I should follow, he may need help...But no...he would not help would he? I-I don't know what to do now... Her face twisted a bit into a grimace, and she sunk in her chair with obvious confusion.

This fit of confusion was sustained for several moments before Althya burst out of her chair, trotting to catch up with Layrn's receding figure.