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located in Endro, a part of Silverose, one of the many universes on RPG.


Most populous city in the Galaxy, and Capital of Endro. Famous for its copper skinned humans, and its government of androids. And lets not forget its amazing food. Is basically one giant city, although it is very advanced and clean. Houses the main facility of the G.M.A.


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Laryn walked on towards the cafe observing. Anything and everything could be important. At first it seemed a bust, nobody was moving in response to him. The LCA should be able to tell his face so they would most likely go either inside or run away. But as he got closer he noticed one Navi get up andstart to hurridly walk off. That was a red flag. Something to do with the LCA. No other reason for them to be scared of him that he could think of. Although now he was faced with a problem. Should he follow that Navi and risk the remnants learning that he was coming... It would be much more dangerous if this particular base knew he was coming because he was doing extermination. So instead of following the Navi, he took one last look back at her, storing that Navi in his memory as most as he could. Well, she shouldn't be too hard to pick out, she had blue hair.

Finally he walked toward the cafe and walked around back where he found stairs going upwards. Taking the stairs, he reached a door which was surprisingly unlocked. But as soon as he opened the door he noticed why it was unlocked. Parts of robots were strewn all over the place. IF it were a human and contained blood, the walls would be dyed red from it's splatter. Whatever happened here was surprising. Farin would not have sent a team herself so quickly. There was no need for her to risk her men if he was doing extermination.

Wait! That Navi!

She seemed to be the only survivor of this massacare, and it would be better if she didn't make it to tell the other groups of LCA remnants about what happened here. She probable knew what happened!

Laryn ran back down the stairs, leaping down the last few and ran back to the street and continued in persuit of the Navi in the direction she had walked in. Da*n it! Where'd she go!?