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located in The Town., a part of Quest for the Princesses of Genovik, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Town.

Where everyone lives, where the restaraunts are, etc.


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Erika rose from her bed disdainfully. Today was Erika's first day of highschool, as a freshmen of course, oh boy! Not. she stepped onto the cold hardwood floor, cussing at it skillfully. Erika was only fourteen years old, but she held a lot of pride in her quite colorful vocabulary, she was a normal teenage girl besides her cussing skills, or so she thought.

Life was going to change for her, forever. Erika gracefully leaped into the shower, letting out a contented sigh as the warm water soothed her sore muscles. After throughly washing her hair and body, without a moments hesitation, she began drying herself off as fast as she could. Erika took about ten minutes to find a comb, but when she did she wasted no time in combing through her long raven locks. Erika then threw her towel off slipping into her bra and underwear before sliding on her school uniform.

She sighed to a blue eyed, black haired reflection in her mirror, she looked preppy by default. The thought of herself being a prep was enough of a fright to send a long shiver down her small frame. Erika hoisted herself up onto her window ceil, she always left the house through her second floor window so her foster parents couldn't nag at her until she got home. She dropped down effortlessly, landing oh-so-gracefully on her feet. Within the same exact instant she bolted off. Erika later stopped as a thought ran through her mind.

Why rush to school when you're already late? As the thought kept making more and more sense to the young girl, her pace slowed. The chirping of song birds, the blow of the wind against her skin, and the rustle of the grass, all three of those brought peace to her. Erika could never tell that to anyone though. She was the tough girl, the girl who laughed when she got paddled in the middle of class by a teacher, the girl who fought boys...and won. Erika did chose to be that way though, but for good reason. When Erika used to not cause trouble in school no one ever acknowledged her exsistance. Her calm expression hardened into a rebellious one, as her happy-go-lucky hands that were laced behind her back were cooly shoved into her pockets. She was near the school now so she had to keep her mask on.

With the invisable walls she built, no one could touch her, she didn't mean physically, she's taken some strong hits before so of course people could still physically touch her. Erika meant emotionally. If no one truely knew her, no one could betray he. if she trusted no one being alone wouldn't hurt as much. Erika just wanted to be noticed, she told herself that she didn't want love, she'd never experienced love in any shape or form, not even parental love, so she didn't know what it even felt like, let alone know if it was worth feeling.