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located in Mountain High Academy, a part of Mountain High Academy Boarding School, one of the many universes on RPG.

Mountain High Academy



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Elina nodded, feeling self-conscious as the boy wasn’t even look at her face. Elina couldn’t help but think it was because of her ridiculous outfit. Honestly, why hadn’t she paid more attention in the morning?
She asked herself this question as she re-dressed in the incredibly small bathroom stall. Her elbows banged against the sides and her knees knocked against the toilet, her nose flaring at the notion of actually walking through the halls looking like such a mess. Jiji, you better be in my room after ballet, Elina wished furiously as she shoved the stall door open and clutched at the counter, glaring at herself in the mirror.
Her cheeks were an unattractive shade of red, and her hair was everywhere. Suddenly, Elina noticed her opal pendant was hanging out of her shirt, the flecks in the opal catching the sunlight. How beautiful, she thought as she ran her thumb along the smooth surface, entranced. And as if her mind and hands weren’t her own, Elina quickly shrugged the necklace off of her neck.
At first, nothing happened. A wave of relief crashed through Elina, then annoyance. The necklace doesn’t even- Elina’s train of thought was interrupted by the sudden shadows crawling up the bathroom walls. Just shadows, she reminded herself before looking down at the sink. The counter was full of writhing snakes, blood, and a grinning woman’s head in the middle of the counter.
Elina didn’t realize she was screaming and crying hysterically until she was crouched on the tile, her arms wrapped around her knees, hiding her face from all the blood dripping slowly from the counter. “Elina, my Elina, don’t be afraid of these illusions,” a man cooed. Elina paused for a minute, glancing through her tears to see an attractive, golden haired man stalking towards her, grinning like the head on the counter.
His footsteps were interrupted by a cat’s yowling and hissing. Jiji had slid through the door and was now attacking his feet. Elina’s heart thudded as she realized it as her chance to put her necklace back on. “Elina, dear, please listen.” The man’s voice and the blood dripping stopped as soon as the pendant was back on her neck. Elina stared at the floor, trying to erase the images running through her head like a never stopping film, Jiji settling himself next to her. “What just happened?” she whispered to herself, numb with shock and horror.