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Assassin's Pledge: Awakening

Some important information!

a part of “Assassin's Pledge: Awakening”, a fictional universe by KumoriRyuu.

The Red-Eyed Demon stalks the landscape of Cre' Est in his hunt to survive the last remnants of Te'i Sai. Along the way he will chance to meet people who will change his life forever.

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Assassin's Pledge: Awakening”.
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Some important information!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby KumoriRyuu on Sun Nov 25, 2018 3:30 pm

Hey guys, here is a (not-so-quick) info dump about the RP's lore you should be aware of:


- Runs off of valuable metals forged into coins.

Copper - Worth "$1" (USD)

Silver - Worth 25 Copper, or $25 (USD)

Gold - Worth 20 Silver, or $500 USD

Basic everyday item prices

- All prices are based on how well the economy of that nation is doing.

Apple (from a fruit stand) - 2-4 Copper
Pair of basic leather shoes - 10-25 Copper (or 1 Silver)
Shirt/Tunic Top - 10-25 Copper (or 1 Silver)

Basic Armor (Non-Custom) - 500-1,000 Copper (or 20 - 40 Silver, 1-2 Gold)
Custom Armor - 5,000-10,000 Copper (or 200 - 400 Silver, 10-20 Gold)

Small House - (1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 1 Kitchen/Dining Room (combined, smaller area), 1 living room, 1-2 Closets)

75,000 - 150,000 Copper (or 3,000 - 6,000 Silver, 150 - 300 Gold)

Medium House - (2 Bedrooms, 1-2 Bathrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 Dining Room, 1 Living Room, 1-3 Closets, 1 Storage Shed, 1-2 Stories)

225,000 - 400,000 Copper (or 9,000 - 16,000 Silver, 450 - 800 Gold)

Large House - (3+ Bedrooms, 2+ Bathrooms, 1+ Kitchens, 1+ Dining Rooms, 1 Family Room, 1-2 Living Room, 4+ Closets, 1 Storage Shed, 2+ Stories)

500,000+ Copper (or 20,000+ Silver, 1,000+ Gold)

* Prefixes

- Prefixes all begin on a consonant and end on a vowel, and when they contain two letters they mean the following (this list provides only a few examples, there are more):

a) Xa and Xe respectively mean first born son and first born daughter.
b) Va and Vi respectively mean middle born son and middle born daughter.
c) Do and Ji respectively mean last born son and last born daughter.
d) Hu and Sa respectively mean male heir to the family and female heir to the family. (** Cultural reference below)

* Notice the "Xe" in my character Linde's name! Her "Xe" prefix marks her as the first born daughter of her household.

** Hu and Sa identify noble birth children as the heir to the family name as chosen by the parents during the time of their birth. This is not a very common prefix, but it does appear from time to time as typically a noble family will name their first son as heir to the family name regardless. But if a daughter receives the Sa prefix then she will carry her family name into her marriage likely using it to act as her middle name or, if the husband's family agrees, the new family name for the husband.

- Prefixes which have three letters identify various traits of the individual. These prefixes are rare, but they do happen (and this list is just a few examples):

a) Che and Ska respectively are the respective masculine and feminine forms of a prefix identifying the individual as having a trait that is recessive to both parents such as different colored eyes, hair, etc. If both parents have brown eyes but the child has blue eyes thanks to grandma and grandpa, for example, this prefix is likely to appear.

b) Xci and Nmi (pronounced "ni") respective form the masculine and feminine forms of a prefix indicating the individual they're attached to was born with a deficiency or defect of some kind such as missing a finger, having a crippled limb from birth, etc. These prefixes are exceptionally rare due to the ratio of healthy to non healthy infants born in Cre' Est, but there are a few of them floating around.
c) Kli and Jua respectively form the masculine and feminine forms of a prefix meaning they are a near perfect duplicate of one of the parents. For instance if a daughter looked just like her mother, chances are Jua would be used as a prefix for her name.

- Prefixes which have four letters are few and far between as they bring a negative connotation to the child's birth circumstances. In fact there are only two examples in the entire culture, and they are as follows:

a) Beha and Naha respectively are the masculine and feminine forms of the prefix which mean that the child's mother died in childbirth.

b) Ruta and Laua respectively are the masculine and feminine forms of the prefix which means that the child was born out of wedlock.

In the other four nations, names do not have prefixes to a surname. Instead the following are cultural identification elements for each nation respectively:

* Shaharan - Names in Shaharan always begin and end on a consonant. They never begin or end on a vowel. To do so is considered cultural blasphemy, and it will typically result in the one with the name being shunned by society.

* Veilbrand - Veilbrand names are typically chosen based on family history. It is not uncommon to see individuals of all social classes carrying names which have been used across generations such as Gregory Dresden Malick XIV, as one example. However the addition of the XIV is optional and many choose not to bother providing indications of how many members of the family have used the name.

* Gweynura - Names in Gweynura typically have some kind of link to nature or natural elements of some kind. After all they are the nation of trees.

* Triveila - Names in Triveila are commonly associated with the sea or elements of folklore related to the sea. This is also the only culture which sometimes names their children after the Gods.

Cultural Focus

The five nations all focus on different aspects of life within their culture:

* Cre' Est - Balance and Equality

* Shaharan - Strength and Honor

* Triveila's - Harmony and Tranquility

* Veilbrand - Wealthy and Prosperity

* Gweynura - Nature and Knowledge

Cre' Est

Cre' Est's cultural focus of balance and equality stem straight from the values of the Cre' Itian Royal Family. The King and Queen, Lehran and Auxereilla Cre' Est, both prioritize balance and equality in their political governance.

* Economy - The focus of the tax burden lies on the nobility who pay a 60% tax on income, 35% tax on property, and 15% tax on purchased goods. Non-noble families pay a 20% tax on income, 10% tax on property, and 5% tax on purchased goods.

- Because of this balance of taxation, the economy is very, very stable which is one of the reasons why Cre' Est is the most economically stable and balanced among her siblings.

* Religion - Cre' Est practices open religious freedom, unique among her five siblings. No matter one's heritage or personal culture choices, religion and the belief in a God/Goddess (or multiples of either or both) is one's right as a citizen.

* Weaponry - Cre' Est's laws state very clearly that non-projectile weapons are accessible to all citizens of the nation. Projectile weapons, however, are for military and guard patrol use only. If a citizen who is not either employed as a guard on patrol or a member of the Cre' Itian military is found in possession of a projectile weapon, they will immediately be arrested and imprisoned for up to ten days before their release. If they were apprehended in the middle of a crime, no matter how severe, imprisonment will last for five years pending a trial by jury.


Shaharan's cultural focus is on the way of the warrior which is why they have the most powerful military amongst the five nations. They may not have the most soldiers (second to Veilbrand), but their soldiers are all trained as warriors from an early age which gives them the edge.

* Economy - Shaharan's economy is stable, but only just. Taxes are fairly balanced across the board with both lower and middle income families having a roughly 45% income tax, 30% tax on property, and a 20% tax on purchased goods. Noble families have a slightly higher tax rate of 50/30/25% respectively.

- For this reason the middle and lower income families of Shaharan aren't quite as stable as their brothers and sisters from Cre' Est. They have to carefully consider their funds as a result. The nobility, thanks to the lesser tax burden than Cre' Est, enjoy a slightly more lavish lifestyle than their Cre' Itian counterparts.

* Religion - Shaharan practices a single faith: worship of the Goddess of Battle, Heresta. Those who worship other Gods/Goddesses are considered socially unwelcome in Shaharan's society. They can be there, but nobody will call them a "friend".

* Weaponry - Shaharan encourages all of their citizens, no matter the income level, to purchase at least one bladed weapon, one blunt weapon, and one projectile weapon per family member in a household. Because everyone is trained from a young age to fight, they have the most gifted and experienced warriors of any nation.

- This also means, however, that they have some of the most dangerous criminals and, sadly, a high crime rate.


Triveila's cultural focus is on harmony and tranquility, two aspects of life which come as one with the sea upon which the people man their livelihoods. However the sea can also be harsh and unforgiving which is a reality the people also live with every single day. But they don't let it disrupt their sense of peace.

* Economy - Triveila's economy is almost identical to Shaharan's save for a slightly lower tax rate on the lowest income families. The taxes on the lowest income families are 40% on income, 25% on property, and 20% on purchased goods. The taxes on the middle class and nobility are identical to her desert bound sibling.

* Religion - Triveila practices polytheism worshipping Gods and Goddesses of the land, sea, sky, sun, moon, stars, rain, earth, etc.

* Weaponry - Triveila places all weaponry solely in the hands of the military and guard patrols. Citizens are not allowed to carry weapons.

- As a result of this practice they have the lowest crime rate, but the crimes which are committed often come with loss of life due to the fact that criminals acquire weaponry and use them on their victims either because it was their goal in the first place or because they were caught and cornered.


Gweynura focuses on Nature and Knowledge, two things which lead them having the greatest connection to nature in all its forms as well as having some of the finest scholars and libraries in the world.

* Economy - The economy of Gweynura is currently at risk due to an inexperienced ruler who has just taken to the throne. The middle and lower income families bear a larger tax burden than Cre' Est, Triveila, and Shaharan. The nobility bears a lower tax burden as well by comparison. The middle and lower income families shoulder a 55% income tax, 40% property tax, and 35% tax on purchased goods.

- Despite the focus on nature and knowledge, the inexperience of their new leader has the nation moving in a dire economic direction with many of the people expressing their disfavor with the King's decisions. It's not enough for rebellion, but it is enough to entice many to consider petitioning the King's removal from the throne in favor of a more experienced ruler.

* Religion - Triveila practices a monotheistic religion worshipping the God of Knowledge, Soroshii. To worship another God/Goddess is not a crime nor is it truly shunned, but it is unfavorable.

* Weaponry - Triveila allows its citizens to own weaponry of any kind, but it is heavily regulate. Every year there is an inspection of every citizen's home to ensure that there is not more than one bladed, blunt, and projectile weapon per family member. If the math doesn't add up, an arrest is made.


Thanks to its most recent dictator and ruler, Egruus To' Veilbrand, the culture of the nation has been thrown into pandemonium. Where it once prized hard work, its nobility and ruler now covet wealth and expanding one's personal influence. In short, the middle and lower income families are thrown under the horse drawn carriage to ensure the prosperity of the nobility and their dictator.

* Economy - The economy is in shambles thanks to Egruus To' Veilbrand's policy of taxing the life out of the middle-lower income families. Their income tax is 80%, property taxes 65%, and 60% tax on purchased goods. It makes it almost impossible to live comfortably in the nation unless you're among the nobility. The middle income families just barely have enough to afford a mediocre roof over their heads, and the lower income families are almost all completely broke. It's a disaster.

* Religion - There is only one religion here: obey Egruus To' Veilbrand's laws or die, because no God or Goddess will save you if you defy him.

* Weaponry - Citizens are not allowed weaponry, nor are patrolling guards. Only the soldiers in the military who have been personally chosen by Egruus To' Veilbrand are allowed weaponry as well as the dictator himself.
Kumori Ryuu

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