Somewhere in the air Between Venice and Ireland

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Somewhere in the air Between Venice and Ireland

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Seraphina Alighieri on Mon Oct 31, 2005 12:54 am

Picking up the tickets and going through customs had been a snap. The Alighieri name and family fortune came in handy. She sat reading The Prince with her right hand gripped tightly around Gabriel's lighter A deep sense of regret gripped her but her eyes were cold and her soul spent.

She looked out the window long enough to see the water below. Must be the English Channel. The grey waters below her seemed poetic considering how she had left this morning. If he doesn't hate me I will be surprised. Again her eyes burned as tears threatened to fall but she choked them back, This turned her eyes cold and empty as she read on.

The Pilot's voice penetrated her cloud of sorrow. He voice was distinctly British.

"We will be landing in Heathrow airport in about 45 minutes. The local Time is 1:45 pm. Those of you connecting to flights for Edinburgh, Cardiff, Dublin and Belfast. Will have an hour to hour and a half layover. Thank you for flying British Airways."

That Will put me in Ireland about five pm. I had better call Binta and let her know. She left a message for her and returned to her reading. Her heart ached terribly but now was not the time to feel it.

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