[Multiverse] Sonny Peterson

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[Multiverse] Sonny Peterson

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At the time the attacks began, Sonny was a student at WIT (Wing City Institute of Technology). He was a robotics major and well on his way to a masters degree.

Sonny, or SunSpot (as he was know by his peers) himself was a genius of robotics. In his class he lead many research groups toward robotics development and engineering. He was working on a few pet projects as well, including a better piloting system for military robotics using neuro-feedback in place of manual controls. His hope was to eliminate reaction time for pilots by allowing them to control their machines by thought.

That was until the war broke out. Now the college is in ruin and his home is destroyed. His family, and most of his friends are gone, and his life, for the most part, is over.

The only problem is, he's still alive...

During the destruction, he lost his left arm and leg, but not his life. So for now he just does his best to get around. Once everything calmed down and he found a suitable home, he began scavenging the city, collecting food, electronics, and other necessities to rebuild what life is left to live.

While he doesn't exactly know what to do next, he has a few good ideas...

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Sonny Peterson, "The Aftermath"


Sonny Peterson stands at about 5'4" tall. He has brown hair worn in a bowl cut that's just a little too long to stay completely out of the thick glasses that frame his eyes. He's in his early twenties and weighs in on the light side. He's fairly lean, but not very muscular at all; the perfect target to bully for spare change or test answers.

He has virtually no fighting skills at all. In fact, his usual response to danger and conflict is to freeze in place and release bladder control. Sony wasn't muscular by any stretch of the definition; this kid probably had trouble opening a pickle jar. He doesn't lift weights, and he can't run a mile, but this isn't to say he's completely useless.

To make up for his lacking physical attributes, Sonny had developed an incredible mind (as human standards go). He might have even made a good pilot, if he could have made it through the basic training.

So what he did is he became an engineer. Anymore, there's not much Sonny can't fix once he's had the chance to take it apart and study it. What's more is he's constantly inventing things for himself, tools to make his and other people's lives easier, though most of them never see more than his garage floor.

People used to try to convince him to get a job in the military research and development branch, designing new field hardware and weaponry, but he was always adamant to decline... though now he's begun to reconsider the job.
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[multiverse] Sonny Peterson

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