Sonny Peterson, "The Aftermath"

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Sonny Peterson, "The Aftermath"

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby vagabond on Fri Dec 01, 2006 2:17 pm

[Calendar Date: Unknown]

The bombing of the embassy didn't really bother me...

When that horrible monster crushed my house, that upset me...

Then the army invaded, and all I could think was, "Why?"

I see these people all the time, people with magnificent gifts and inhuman skills. Sometimes I watch in awe of them, wishing I could somehow measure up to them... but most of the time I hate them.

"Why can't they take their stupid fights somewhere else and leave our cities in peace?" I'd often think to myself while watching the news reports at night. Those same thoughts drifted to the front of my mind as I lay in the rubble of what was once my college.

I was a student at WIT (Wing City Institute of Technology), an elite technical school, and three years into a robotics major; I had just gotten to the good part...

I forced myself to sit up. My body burned all over, I knew I was hurt badly, but I half laughed even through the pain, "I suppose this means no class tomorrow..."

I tried to get up, but something was wrong with my leg. I tried to push myself up, and that's when I discovered my arm was gone.

I could feel the sadness welling up in my throat and my sight became blurred with tears, but I wiped them away with my good arm and forced myself to swallow the feelings until I could afford to cry.

Using the rubble I had at hand, I rigged a crutched to walk with. When I finally got on my feet my scream echoed off the half-standing buildings nearby and I started to get light headed so I held onto that crutch with everything I had left.

Finally the feelings passed, and by the time I started moving most of my body was numb, but I hobbled on none the less, the only thought in my mind to drive me was survival...
"WAR does not decide who is right, WAR decides who is left..."

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