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Sooty and company

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Sooty and company

Postby rollietyler on Wed Jan 06, 2010 6:36 pm

Sooty and company
Image ... re=related
Matthew Corbett runs a shop in Manchester, with puppets Sooty (a yellow bear that can perform magic), Sweep (a squeaking dog), Soo (a female panda), and 'little cousin Scampi' (another, if smaller, bear). Sooty and the gang are often getting up to mischief, and it is usually Soo and Matthew that are the more sensible ones.
And etc with a hotel etc with so much fun and songs they usually sing.

Sooty - rollietyler
Cousin Scampi (another bear)
Kipper (the cat)
Butch (a dog)
Ramsbottom (a snake)
Enry the Robot (a robot)
Miki (another cat - this time, novelly, Brazilian)
Maggie Mouse (a mouse).

Just tell me who you want and write down name and how you talk even if you are a new created character as well as appearance.

How you talk: (squeek, talk normally don’t, whisper etc)

Name: sooty
How you talk: whispers in ears but looks like he doesn't talk.
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Re: Sooty and company

Postby Ameerah on Wed Jan 06, 2010 7:13 pm

Name: Soo
Appearance: ... o-char.jpg
How you talk: normal
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