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Soul Calibur: 8000!

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Soul Calibur: 8000!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Nightmare on Sat Mar 10, 2007 6:03 am

This is set a year after Soul Calibur 3 so it should be slightly more interesting.
Name:Jacob Raughling
Wepaon:Staff (a shapeshifting weapon that changes its size.)
Weapon Name:Rough Wing
Eye Color:Green
Hair Style:Short, slicked back
Hair Color:White
Height:6' even
weight:213 lbs.
Muscular Build
Good Nuetral
Seeks both Weapons
Bio:When he was young his parents were killed so he does not remember them. all he knows is that his parents were kiled by a sword he seeks. After his parents were killed he was left with a gladiator which peaked his interests in fighting. When he was 16 he partook in his first battle. He lost but he gained skill. When he was 17 He won his first fight and was proud of himself. A year later he had won enough money to go buy a weapon differant from the same Sword and Shield he had used and bought a magical weapon for only 500 gold. When he got the weapon he won fights and took little damage but when he grew to the age of 20, his foster father lost his life in a match. He has sworn to become powerful enough to kill the "Black Giant" who killed his Foster Father.
A man stood outside of Sophita's home as the kids were returning from playing, when they saw the man they asked him who he was. He looked at them for a second and told them that he was a friend of their mother's and that she hadn't been home for a while and he was getting bored. The kids had smiles on their faces as they stated that he play with them, he agreed and suggested that they play near the statue where their mother visited frequently and said that he would race them their.

When they arrived they rested on the statue's feet not even noticing the fact that the gate was wide open to the statue. The man noticed Sophitia's sister coming and told them that now they shoud play hide and seek as he closed the gate locking the kids in. They acted as he started counting and hid behind the statue's legs. "Hey," she shouted at the man "Who are you?" "I a a friend of Sophitia's he said quite dryly. Cassandra pulled he sword and readied to attack "I don't believe you for a second she shouted as she lunged at him.

He pulled out what appeared to be a short silver rod from a puch he had which grew longer as he struck at her, she dodged it and propelled off of the ground and stabbed him in the stomach "Not how I had planned this to go, but I can work with it." the man said as he took the rod back and extended it again, hitting Cassandra in the face, knocking her out. He pulled the sword out of his stomach as dragged her unconcious body to the side where the kids couldn't see her.

After he staggered to the middle of the gate he sat down and leaned against it and the kids came out behind the legs "You're not very good are you?" the girl said to him. He placed his hand over the wound so the kids wouldn't see it. "I guess I haven't really ever been that good at it.." He said. Than the boy asked a question along the lines of "Was Cassandra here?" he thought for a moment "Yes, but then a bandit tried to steal from her and she chased him down."

He saw Sophitia walking to the statue and he told the kids to hide because a bandit was coming. They hid but they peered around to watch and when they saw a figure of a body the hid, not even looking at the person. Sophitia saw her sister lieng unconcious and saw the man sitting there looking right at her. He staggered up to his feet as she asked him what he had done "Simple." He said "I knocked her out cold." He pulled his weapon out again and the kids, recognizing the sound of their mother, came out of hiding excited to see her "Shut up!" He yelled at the children, hoping to strike fear into them and strike rage into their mother.

"Before you say anything, I have not harmed them and I do not intend to harm them." He said as he used the shape-shifting weapon to keep himself up "Although, I will not allow them to leave." "Than I have no choice." Sophitia said as she drew her blade "I must protect my family at any costs!" the man pointed the weapon at her and said one thing before the fighting started "I am Jacob Raughling and I have come to challenge you, and prove to myself that I have the power to destroy my enemies!" had said this Jacob dropped the weapon and kicked at it which made it shoot out at Sophitia.

She jumped the attack and started running on the weapon but the man picked it up and shrunk its size but not its length and thrust the weapon into the air. Sophitia however jumped off of it as she proceeded to the man. Jacob pointed the weapon the the ground behind him as he pushed himself into the air. As he came down he kicked at Sophitia as he took the weapon up to enter a form of free fall.

When he came down he missed her but he was not injured, he did however had his back open to attack and Sophitia took this oppertunity to strike him in the back. As he fell to the ground he grabbed onto the lock and unlocked the gate to the statue. When he fell to the ground the kids ran to their mother and Cassandra had woken up. Jacob used his weapon again to pick himself up as he turned to Sophitia "Leave this place at once!" She commanded. Jacob growled as he struck at her again but before he could make it halfway to her, Cassandra hit ihm in the back of the head with her shield,knocking him to the ground but not unconcious.

He had slid over closer to Sophitia however and as she tried to leave with her children he grabbed on to her ankle "No!." He said strined "I cannot accept defeat!" Cassandra kicked him in the head, which knocked him unconcious and walked over to Sophitia's side. As they were walking away Sophitia stopped and looked back at JAcob "What is it?" Cassandra sked as she sent the children home. "I dont know, but..." cassandra looked over at Jacob "What?.. If you have forgotten he did kidnap the children and knock me unconcious!" "Yeah but... It's strange... Although he did take them he didn't harm them. And as far as I can see on you he didn't harm you either." "Yeah. I guess you kind of have a point... Wait! Are you thinking of helping him after what he did?!"

Jacob muttered something in his unconcious "Soul Edge... Soul Calibur..." this shocked both of them "Okay now I see your point of view." Cassandra said "Considering the fact he could know something about Soul Edge." "Yes." Sophitia said as she headed to him with Cassandra. They lifted him up and headed back to Sophitia's home to bandage his wounds and recover him in hopes to learn something about soul Edge.

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