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a topic in Futuristic Roleplay, a part of the RPG forum.

If you would like to make your own roleplay based in the future of any sort, use this forum. You will be in charge of all things related to your roleplay, so you're on your own here.


Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Eafs on Sat Apr 26, 2014 9:35 pm

Factodium. A rare gem that possesses power, and thus, precious to humanity. The smallest shard could power cities for years, decades, even. Such a treasure was created when the power of a spirit fused with the earth, forming the crystal, normally this energy being excess energy as their bodies can only hold so much of this power. However, while Factodium had so much ability, there was a terrible, dark consequence.
The most common Factodium is the red, in which has been filled with the power of an evil spirit, because their bodies can hold much less energy than the ones with better intentions. If a human has been exposed to the red Factodium for too long, then it will consume their very being, turning them into monsters.
However, the rare form, blue Factodium, cannot be used to power anything at all, people often rendering them useless or as decoration. Exposure to this will have no effect on normal humans, but can revert one who has turned into a beast, a monster, back into a human, but such a thing can do damage on the victim's mental health, causing them to go crazy from the conflicting voices in their heads, both screaming to do right or wrong.
There are the two creators of the Factodium, Audience and Actor. Being 'alpha' demons, they had the ability to create and destroy, and are much more powerful than the average creature. Audience had created the Factodium as merely a way to store their power, and not to be exposed to the human beings at all. However, Actor had a much darker plan. If a human was claimed by the red power, it had control over them, much like puppets on a string. The demon had plans to destroy the human race, to create a new era in which the creatures lived freely. However, Audience would not allow its counterpart to do such a thing, and banned Actor from ever using the Factodium again.
But, the dark demon had figured out his own way to get the Factodium, and how to lure the humans in, with power. Actor sent its underlings to create mines of the stuff, and soon enough, it was found by a miner. Within a year, everyone wanted it, wanted to power their cities and homes. They where unaware of the twisted side effect until it one day, happened to a miner who turned into a monster suddenly whilst mining, attacking and killing any humans in sight. The miner was soon gone, unknown where he disappeared. Being the first, Actor had personally taken the monster in, naming him 'Skit', and the miner slowly transformed into a poltergeist
It was not long until Audience discovered this, and was enraged of what Actor had done. And so, created a mental bond between human and creature, whether it be ghost, demon, poltergeist, or banshee. Each of these creatures represented an animal of sorts, Audience itself looking like a ram, whilst Actor had the appearance of a stag. Audience had begun to seek out humans that mined the Factodium, linking them with their creatures. These beasts often shared traits with their humans, in order to avoid conflict. But, Actor had taken this idea as well, enchanting other humans with its followers, taking idea after idea from Audience. It had become apparent that a war was brewing, and it all started in a mine.


1. All of the site's rules apply, as always.
2. Please, do not godmod.
3. Create a human for every creature, please.
4. You can be attached to your own demon, but it is preferred you have someone else, for roleplaying.
5. If you would like to be Audience/Critic, pm me and I'll give you information.
6. Only 'alpha' creatures such as Audience/Critic and Actor/Director have 'mega' forms. More of these demons will come into play later.
7. No dragon demons. Please.
8. Have fun!


Factodium- A rare gem that possesses a demon soul. Red has a corrupted soul, while Blue has a good soul.
Demons- Normally Reptilian/Birdlike. Can be attached to a human.
Banshees- Doglike. Can be attached to a human, normally red.
Poltergeists- Any animal, often wear masks or have odd faces. Can be attached to a human.
Ghosts- Any animal, can be attached to a human, normally blue.
Actor- A faceless demon who represents a stag, and has plans to take over the world.
Director- Actor's mega form, has huge antlers and represents an elk.
Audience- Actor's good counterpart, represents a ram.
Critic- Audience's mega form, has two pairs of large horns and spikes running down his back.
Humans- Normal people, can have creatures attached to them.


Red Creatures-
Actor/Director- Eafs
Skit[Poltergeist]- Eafs - Attached to nobody - Represents a bat - Male

Blue Creatures-
Audience/Critic- None
Opera[Demon]- Eafs- Attached to nobody- represents a raptor- Female

Volun Druid- Eafs- 23- No demon - No current Factodium - Male

Forms [Own form can be used]

Code: Select all
Personality[At least brief]:
Creature[If any. If there is a free demon you can place them here with a ? behind them, for approval]:

Code: Select all
Factodium Color:
Animal it represents:
Personality[At least brief]:
Human[If any. If there is a free human you can place them here with a ? behind them, for approval.]:
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Re: Soulbound- O&A

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Eafs on Sat Apr 26, 2014 9:37 pm

Name: Volun Druid
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Image/Description: Volun is about average in height, standing at about 5' 8' ft. He has tan skin, as well as green eyes, messy hair, and a small goatee. He also bears a chipped tooth, received from who knows where, but probably from mining. He almost always as some sort of dirt on him, considering that he works in the mines.
Personality[At least brief]: Volun is loud, to say the least- and will often speak his opinion even when it wasn't asked for in the first place. He often curses as well, as it has become a habit- keeping it under his breath, luckily. He is also very stubborn, and can become conflicted to what his gut and his brain tells him to do, which is an obvious disadvantage when it came to the demons.
Creature[If any. If there is a free demon you can place them here with a ? behind them, for approval]: None, at the moment.
Other: None

Name: Actor/Director
Eurtodium Color: Violet
Gender: Genderless, but supposedly male in general.
Image/Description: Actor is a bipedal stag-like demon with a long, scaled tail and dark grey to black fur and scales. His horns are crimson, and he wears a cloak of a darker color. Because he lacks a face, Actor has a belt with different masks, each having a different expression- happy, scared, angry, sad, and stoic. Each mask is a cream-white color. As Director, he is large and bulky, with large, dark red elk horns and claws instead of hooves on his hind feet. He becomes quadrupedal as well, with thin, red spines running down his back and, though he lacks eyes, a long mouth with several long, pointed teeth.
Animal it represents: Stag/Elk
Personality[At least brief]: Actor is ruthless, not caring for anybody but himself and himself only. He loathes anybody that isn't on his side, and simply doesn't care for his own underlings. They die? He'd just replace them, simple as that. He laughs almost constantly, at any emotion or speech, as he finds the world amusing and, a simple play that is run by him.
Human[If any. If there is a free human you can place them here with a ? behind them, for approval.]: None, cannot be attached to a human.
Other: He cannot be bound to a human.

Name: Skit
Eurtodium Color: Red
Gender: Male
Image/Description: Image
Animal it represents: Bat
Personality[At least brief]: Skit is extremely talkative, and not to mention, loud. He rambles constantly, and will sometimes take the form of a doll. When a child finds him and falls asleep, he haunts their dreams with excessive, almost real nightmares- as the poltergeist feeds off fear. He is one of the underlings of Actor.
Human[If any. If there is a free human you can place them here with a ? behind them, for approval.]: None, at the moment.
Other: Poltergeist

Name: Opera
Eurtodium Color: Blue
Gender: Female
Image/Description: Image
Animal it represents: Raptor
Personality[At least brief]: She is very over-protective and short-tempered, making her a decent ally, but this can get in the way of many things. Once she has her way, she will not change it unless something goes wrong and she is forced to. Opera has a tendency to lash out, whether it be at an enemy, or human, or even allies of herself. Being independent, the last thing she needs is someone to take over the world and most likely enslave all the blue creatures.
Human[If any. If there is a free human you can place them here with a ? behind them, for approval.]: None, at the moment.
Other: Demon

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