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A Curious Academy

Soulmate Quiz

a part of “A Curious Academy”, a fictional universe by Shinku122.

Curious Academy. Founded by a Loveless man, it is a place where you find your love and get engaged to them whether you want to or not. [Original By Dimentio](Teacher slots open too)

Characters Settings Story
This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “A Curious Academy”.
Discussions pertaining to roleplay on RPG.

[OOC] Soulmate Quiz

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Shinku122 on Sun Oct 30, 2011 6:19 pm

New things;
When you are done, Post it in your Character's Profile.
Send me a PM, When you are done with it and your character.
Be sure to put in your character's Hex code!
For Question 17

Code: Select all
            [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][size=200]Name Here[/color][/size]
            [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]1.) Tell us, how old are you? What sex are you? When were you born?[/b][/color]
            [size=90]You should know your age, sex, and birthday silly![/size]

            [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]2.) Tell us, what do you Like?[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Please put as many that apply[/size]

            [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]3.) What kind of person are you interested in?[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Please write an entire paragraph.[/size]

            [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]4.) What does 'Love' mean to you?[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Please write 2 paragraphs.[/size]

            [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]5.) What is your love personality?[/b][/color]
            [size=90]are you very romantic? A paragraph please.[/size]

            [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]6.) Is your glass Half Full, or Half Empty?[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Do you have Optimistic or pessimistic ideals[/size]

            [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]7.) Tell me, what kind of Soulmate may upset you if you got?[/b][/color]
            [size=90]put all that apply.[/size]

            [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]8.) How sexually active are you?[/b][/color]
            [size=90]A paragraph please.[/size]

            [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]9.) What are places you like, or scenery?[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Put all that apply.[/size]

            [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]10.) What did you want to be when you were little? What do you want to be now? Why?[/b][/color]
            [size=90]A paragraph for both.[/size]

            [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]11.) What are your favorite bands? Favorite songs? Any Genres?[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Put all that apply.[/size]
            [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]12.) How do you spend free time?[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Put all that apply[/size]
            [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]13.) Do you read? What is your favorite book?[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Put all that apply[/size]

            [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]14.) Who was the last person you dated?[/b][/color]
            [size=90]put a paragraph about each.[/size]

            [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]15.) How would you describe yourself?[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Please use nice words.[/size]

            [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]16.) Where would your dream date take place? Why?[/b][/color]
            [size=90]A paragraph please.[/size]

            [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]17.) What is your Spirit animal?[/b][/color]
            [size=90]What is it, tell me about that animal[/size]

            [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]18.) Is there anyone you've got your eye on? *wink* Why?[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Give us a paragraph.[/size]

            [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]19.) Can you tell us secret you never told anyone?[/b][/color]
            [size=90] only your soulmate will ever know this.[/size]

            [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]20.) What are the lyrics to the song that describes you best?[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Should be the same as your Theme song on your profile.[/size]

            [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]21.) What color resembled 'Passion', to you? Why?[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Paragraph please.[/size]
            [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]22.) What gets you hot? Why?[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Paragraph please.[/size]
            [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]23.) If I walked into your bedroom right now, what may I see?[/b][/color]
            [size=90]List all that apply,[/size]
            [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]24.) You like TV, huh? What is your favorite Movie? How about Anime? Why?[/b][/color]
            [size=90]Can you tell me. Include plots.[/size]

            [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]25.) How would you Impress someone you like?[/b][/color]
            [size=90]List all that apply.[/size][/center]
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